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The cooling and heating temperature control system has superior performance, high-precision, intelligent temperature control, and a very wide temperature control range, ranging from -120°C to 350°C, which is suitable for the constant temperature control needs of most enterprises.

We have many models: SUNDI series, WTD series, KRY series, LTS series, etc. The temperature control accuracy of the product can reach ±0.1°C, and corresponding products can be provided from 0.5kW to 1200kW in refrigeration power.

  • Cooling power 0.5kW~1200kW
  • Heating power 2kW~200kW
  • High-precision, intelligent temperature control
  • Multifunctional alarm system and safety features
  • 7-inch, 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphic display
  • With magnetic drive pump, there is no shaft seal leakage problem
  • High-temperature cooling technology, which can directly cool down from 300°C
  • Efficient production stability and reproducible results
  • Fully enclosed system, no need to replace the liquid medium

(SUNDI series)



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(WTD series)

(Micro channel / tube reactors specialized)

Temperature Control Range: -70°C to +300°C

Specialized design for micro channel (small liquid holding capacity, strong heat exchange capacity, circulation system high pressure drop)



(Fluorinated Liquid LTS series)

Temperature Control Range: -80°C to +80°C

It is widely used in the semiconductor process to control the temperature of the reaction chamber, the hot sink plate and the non-flammable heat transfer medium.

ModelLTS -20℃~80℃LTS -40℃~80℃LTS -60℃~80℃LTS -80℃~80℃
Flow Control12L/min~45L/min12L/min~45L/min12L/min~45L/min12L/min~45L/min
Temp Control Accuracy±0.1℃  at  -20℃~0℃±0.1℃  -40℃~-10℃±0.1℃  -60℃~-30℃±0.1℃  -80℃~-50℃

Cooling and Heating Circulators



TCU Temperature Control Units

Temperature control range: -120°C to +250°C

Application: chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biological and other industries, large-scale production-level temperature control requirements, such as various reactors, distillers, extraction systems, fermentation tanks, etc. for Chinese-style workshops and pharmaceutical and chemical plant production.



A specially designed lag estimator (model-free self-building tree algorithm) generates a dynamic signal yc(t) instead of the process variable y(t) as a feedback signal. Generate an e(t) signal to the controller, so that the controller does not have a large hysteresis in predicting the control effect, so that the controller can always generate an appropriate control signal. That is to say, this dynamic signal yc(t) can keep the feedback loop working normally even if there is a large lag.

  1. Dynamic temperature control of high pressure reactor
  2. Dynamic temperature control of double-layer glass reactor
  3. Dynamic temperature control of double-layer reactor
  4. Microchannel Reactor Temperature Control
  5. Distillation system temperature control
  6. Material aging test at low temperature and high temperature
  7. Combinatorial chemical constant temperature control
  8. Semiconductor equipment cooling and heating
  9. Vacuum chamber cooling and heating control

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Temperature Control :-5℃~-150℃

Temperature Control: -40℃~100℃

Temperature Control: -85℃~250℃


Wechat ID 086 15152266993

WhatsApp 086 13912479193