Mini Chiller FL-800
Mini Chiller FL-800
Mini Chiller FL-800
Mini Chiller FL-800
Mini Chiller FL-800

FL -18℃~30℃

Cooling Water Chiller/Laboratory Chiller
  • Liquid storage volume3.5L
  • Cooling power0.35kW~0.9kW
  • Power range0.6kW
  • RefrigerantWater
  • Weight35kG

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Parameters Description

Model FL-800
Medium Temperature Range -18°C~30°C
Temp. Control ASET multifunctional controller, control temperature of water tank, Customizable temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃
Tem. Feedback Temperature feedback PT100
Cooling Capacity 20℃ 0.9kW
10℃ 0.75kW
-10℃ 0.35kW
Circulation pump flow, pressure 10L/min   0.7BAR
Capacity of liquid storage 3.5L
Compressor Embrac
Evaporator Copper tube nickel plating
Operation panel Display set temperature and measured temperature, touch key to operate input temperature
Safety Protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch;overload relay, thermal protection device etc. security protection function.
Refrigerant R404A (Optional R448)
Connection Size ZG1/2
Product size(cm) 35*56*75
Weight 35kg
Power (max)
AC220V   0.6KW
Shell Material Cold rolled sheet spray molding (standard color 7035)

Designed for small laboratories, the cooling chiller FL-800 has a small footprint that saves lab space and can be placed directly on a bench or on the floor.

Widely used in low temperature conditions requiring chemical, biological and physical experiments at low temperatures.
It can be combined with the rotary evaporator, glass reactor and other instruments to proceed kinds of chemical reactions.

1) Compact design, small size and light weight, small footprint
2) Air-cooled design
3) Large LCD screen, button operation
4) The fully enclosed circulation system can effectively prevent the evaporation and pollution of the heat transfer medium and save resources.

Special circulation cooling for laboratory evaporators

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