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Multi-reactor  Chiller(Temperature Control Unit)

TCU temperature control system can realize -120°C to 300°C of dynamic temperature control, using existing thermal energy (such as steam, cooling water and ultra-low temperature liquid - that is, "primary system") infrastructure integration for control Process equipment temperature in a single fluid system or secondary circuit. This completes the flow of only one heat transfer liquid into the jacket of the reaction vessel (rather than directly into the steam, cooling water or cryogenic liquid). The entire reaction process temperature is controlled by calculation.
Through three-point sampling (material temperature point, temperature control system outlet temperature, temperature control system inlet temperature), and our own model-free self-built tree algorithm and general anti-lag cascade algorithm, solve the problem of large delay in pharmaceutical chemical temperature control .
The pharmaceutical TCU temperature control unit is a low-temperature liquid circulation equipment with mechanical refrigeration, which can provide low-temperature liquid and low-temperature water bath. Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, the chemical reaction operation at low temperature is carried out.

ZLF series - Straight-through flow control parameters
SR series - using secondary heat exchange
DCS chemical synthesis process control system


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