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Vehicle/Battery Test Thermal Control Systems

Widely used in the field of new energy vehicles, suitable for the new generation of energy battery packs, which can effectively test the super environmental adaptability of the battery packs, improve the safety and reliability of the vehicle, and ensure the good performance of the vehicle in various complex environments. The products are widely used in motors, battery packs, extreme performance tests, rapid temperature rise and fall thermal shock tests, and comprehensive environmental adaptability evaluation tests.

Temperature simulation for vehicle quality test: battery life test, fuel injector/motor test bench, airbag test, component test bench, etc. It can simulate the external environmental conditions in the climate chamber or replace the internal system, which can create the necessary actual temperature conditions for the test bench.

Conventional Equipment

Multiple Device Connection (T)

Multiple Device Connection(S)







  • The temperature range of antifreeze is -40°C~100°C
  • very steep temperature gradient
  • Outlet temperature limit
  • Visualization, Data Storage and Reporting Analysis
  • Temperature control equipment can be flexibly connected with other test platforms

Equipped with a powerful circulation pump, while ensuring the delivery of high viscosity liquids.

Proportional control valve is used to control the flow output, and the total range accuracy control is adjusted by 5%~100%.

A closed circulation system is adopted to avoid the chance of antifreeze contacting with the outside air and to ensure that there is no condensation of moisture. The expansion tank is protected with nitrogen, and the temperature range of the hot liquid will be extended because its boiling point has been increased. In addition, the oxidation of the hot liquid in contact with the oxygen in the environment is avoided, thereby prolonging the service life of the hot liquid.

Siemens 7-inch large color screen provides clear and comprehensive important data information, including important information such as data, drawing lines and notes.

The touch interface optimizes the usability of the device. Multi-level users can be password protected. The specified operator has limited privileges and can only accept settings. This avoids accidental modification and mishandling of parameters. Continuously monitor operations. Warnings and faults are clearly displayed and the system shuts down automatically if necessary. Failures can be traced so testing does not have to start over. At this point, the existing record will be recalled. The system has a variety of data and communication channels that can be tailored to specific applications. The temperature control unit can also be controlled remotely via the network or included in the control system.

Test temperature of main test items of vehicle electronics:

IC test conditions for locomotives: -40℃~125℃, wind blowing, sun exposure, high vibration;
Instrument panel operation test test conditions: -40℃~85℃;
Motor controller test conditions: operating test temperature: 40 ℃ ~ 110 ℃;
Satellite positioning (GPS) Test conditions: high temperature operation test temperature: 85℃; low temperature operation test temperature: -40℃;
Compound vibration: -40℃~80℃;
Obviously the best solution is for the test house to have temperature simulation system equipment.

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