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Battery Test Thermal Management Chamber

KRYCH -40℃~100℃

Temp Flow Control+Test Chamber

Environmental Chamber Provides -45°C~100°C

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Integrated system provides new energy power battery samples
High temperature, low temperature, flow and pressure control and other needs

High heat exchange density

Small footprint

Ensure battery core temperature is low

Better uniformity

Effectively extend battery life

Improve reliability and security

Reduce maintenance costs


Model KRYCH-15W
Temp Control -40℃~135℃ Antifreeze -45℃~100℃ Test chamber
Antifreeze flow control 2L/min~20L/min    ±0.2L/min
Antifreeze pressure Measure and display the inlet and outlet pressure and display the pressure on the touch screen
Test chamber volume cm 100*100*100   1m3
Heating Power 7.5kW Antifreeze 5kW Test chamber
Refrigeration capacity
135℃ 7.5kW
20℃ 7.5kW
0℃ 7.5kW
-20℃ 4.5kW
-30℃ 2.5kW
-35℃ 1.8kW
Refrigeration capacity
Test chamber
100℃ 6kW
-20℃ 3.5kW
-40℃ 1.2kW
Antifreeze temp. control accuracy ±0.3℃
High & low tempe chamber Tempe control ±0.3℃
Circulating air inside the test chamber 3500m3/h
When the door is opened, the internal circulation fan automatically turns off, and the door-opening status is displayed on the touch screen.
Controller PLC controller, fuzzy PID control algorithm
Letter of agreement Ethernet interface TCP/IP protocol
Device internal temperature feedback Internal temperature of the equipment tank, condensation temperature of the refrigeration system, compressor suction temperature, cooling water temperature (for water cooling equipment)
Heating Refers to the maximum heating output power of the system (according to each model)
The heater has triple protection and an independent temperature limiter to ensure the safety of the heating system
The heating power of 15kW uses a voltage regulator, and the heating power output control adopts 4~20mA linear control.
Cooling capacity It refers to the ability to take away heat at different temperatures (under ideal conditions). Actual working conditions need to consider environmental heat dissipation. Please amplify appropriately and take insulation measures.
High temperature cooling module Can cool down module from high temperature 150℃
Circulation pump flow and pressure Using LNEYA magnetic drive pump
Source 380V50HZ 23kW max
Overall dimensions cm 125*235*190 excluding protruding parts, air-cooled and water-cooled have the same dimensions
Compressor Emerson Copeland Scroll Flexible Compressor
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger
Refrigeration accessories Emerson/Danfoss brand filter dryers, oil separators, etc.
Throttle method Electronic expansion valve
Operation panel 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display\EXCEL data export
Security It has self-diagnosis function; phase sequence phase failure protector, refrigerator overload protection; high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.
Refrigerant R-404A/R507C
Antifreeze interface is reserved inside the chamber ZG3/4 and switch valve
Water coooling W Models with W are water-cooled
Water cooled condenser Casing heat exchanger
Cooling water 32℃ 6m³/H
Shell material Cold rolled plate spraying (standard color 7035)

Send us a message about the Battery test chamber
Send us a message about the Battery test chamber

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