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HRT -45℃~250℃

HRT -45℃~250℃

  • HRT -45℃~250℃
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The whole system is a closed liquid circulation system with the expansion of container, expansion of the container and the liquid circulation is adiabatic, and do not participate in liquid circulation, only mechanical connection, regardless of the temperature is a high temperature or low temperature, the tank temperature is limited to 60℃.

The cycle is closed, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature; Wide working temperature range of heat transfer oil; The entire circulation system without the use of the mechanical and electric valve.


1. Wide working temperature range with cooling and heating function, temperature range: -55~250℃.
2. With 2pcs of LED display controller, can show the setting temperature & actual value, and alarm value for overtemperature.
3. Efficient fast, simple topping up liquid.
4. Ensure fast cooling at high temperature and can achieve 250℃~-55℃ temperature control continuously.
5. The cycle system is closed, there is no oil mist and water vapor happened, so as to assure the lab safety and heat transfer fluid lifetime.
6. Use Copeland brand compressor, circulation pump, stable performance and reliable quality.
7. Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.
8. Use the same kind of heat conducting in the whole heating-cooling cycle when control heat conducting medium temperature.
9. High-lift design and meet the long-distance transportation of heat conducting medium.


Model HRT-25N HRT-35N HRT-50N HRT-70N HRT-100N HRT-150N
Temperature Range -45℃~250℃
Controller PID adaptive controller
Temperature Control heat-conducting medium outlet temp.control
Temperature Feedback Heat-conducting medium temperature feedback PT100(measure inlet temperature and outlet temperature)
Temp. Accuracy ±0.5℃
Heating Power 2.5KW 3.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 15KW
Cooling Capacity 250℃ 2KW 3.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 15KW
100℃ 2KW 3.5KW 5KW 7KW 10KW 15KW
20℃ 2KW 3.5KW 5KW 7KW 10KW 15KW
0℃ 1.8KW 3KW 5KW 7KW 10KW 15KW
-20℃ 0.85KW 1.5KW 2.8KW 4.2KW 6KW 11KW
-40℃ 0.25KW 0.45KW 0.9W 1.5KW 2KW 3.75KW
Circulation Pump Flow Max20L/min Max35L/min Max35L/min Max50L/min Max65L/min Max110L/min
Circulation Pump Pressure max 1.2BAR max 1.2BAR max 1.2BAR max 1.2BAR max 1.5BAR max 1.5BAR
Tank Volume 8L 13L 15L 18L 22L 25L
Be equipped with extra connection of expansion tank(G1/2)
Compressor Taikang Emerson copeland/Danfoss scroll compressor
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger
Operation Panel Display setting temperature and outlet and inlet temperature, 7-inch color touch screen
Data Record U disk data export, Excel form, error record
Temperature Record Record setting temperature, outlet and inlet temperature
Safety Protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch; overload relay; thermal protection device and other safety protection.
Closed Circulation System The whole system is full closed circulation, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, pressure do not rise up when system is running. The system will supplement oil automatically at low temperature.
Refrigerant R-404A/R507C
Connection Size ZG1/2 ZG3/4 ZG3/4 ZG3/4 ZG1 ZG1
Dimension(cm) air-cooled 40*70*130 45*70*160 55*70*175 55*70*175 65*85*185 70*85*185
Weight air-cooled 160kg 185kg 245kg 245kg 320kg 360kg
Power AC 220V AC 380V AC 380V AC 380V AC 380V AC 380V
4.5kW 6.2kW 9kW 11.5kW 16kW 23kW
Case Material Cold rolled steel
Optional MODBUS RTU Protocl,  RS 232 interface
Optional Power 220V 60HZ three-phase,440V~480V 60HZ three phase

The cooler is a very important part of the screw air compressor. The main function is to cool the lubricating oil of air compressor and the compressed air. If it's blocked, then the temperature will go up. A main cause of the air compressor failure at high temperature is the blockage of the cooler.

So what are the causes of the blockage of the cooler?

Dust is the most common cause of air compressor cooler blockage. It usually happens when there is no dust cleaning for air compressor cooler for a long time. On the other hand is the dusty environment around the air compressor.

If the place of air compressor station is harsh, and it is not well protected, blockage also occurs. For example, things as the broken thread of textile industry, sawdust of furniture factory, iron filings of steel works float in the air and stick to the cooler will lead to blockage.

Some users bought bad-quality air compressor lubricants out of their bargin-loving heart. Or if the air compressor runs in a high temperature for a long time, the inside of the cooler will form carbon and cause blockage. Reducing the amount of lubricating oil flowing through the radiator, results in poor heat dissipation.

There are three main reasons for the blockage of air compressor cooler, and we'd like to inform you to prevent the clogging of the cooler, ensure the normal operation of the cooler and improve the production efficiency. At the same time, it also requires users to clean the coolers daily, do the maintenance work in time, and find professional after-sales staff to deal with the problem.
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