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(LNEYA’s chiller supports both indoor and outdoor options.)

Temperature control range: -120 ℃ to+30 ℃

Temp Range LX -25℃~30℃ LT -45℃~30℃ LT -60℃~-20℃ LT -80℃~-20℃ LT -115℃~-60℃
Cooling Capacity Up 38kW Up 12kW Up 7.2kW Up 7.2kW Up 8.6kW

Temp Range LC -25°C~ 5°C  LJ -45°C~ -10°C LN -60°C~ -10°C  LD -80°C~ -30°C  CDLJ -110°C~ -50°C SLJ -110℃~-150℃
Refrigeration Capacity Up 360kW Up 360kW Up 360kW Up 270kW Up 180kW Up 11kW

Temp Range FL-800 Mini Chiller FL 5℃~35℃ 
Cooling Capacity Up 0.9kW Up 50kW

Temp Range ZLJ -40℃ ~ -10℃ ZLJ -80℃ ~ -35℃ ZLJ -120℃ ~ -90℃
Refrigeration Capacity Up 8hp Up 16hp Up 135hp

Temp Range SLJ -150°C~-110°C
Refrigeration Capacity Up 11kW

  • Does not need to be connected to the cooling tower and is suitable for environments with low impurity content. Impurities can easily mix in the cold water tower, and dust can cause blockage in the cooling water circulation circuit, leading to a decrease in cooling capacity.
  • The air-cooled chiller is most suitable for areas with poor water quality, which can save other accessories such as cold water towers.
  • The use of large capacity condensers makes operation easier and more convenient.
  • The footprint is greatly reduced, making installation very convenient.
  • The air-cooled chiller unit adopts an upper air outlet design.

  • The box type evaporator is equipped with an automatic water replenishment device, which is easy to install and maintain and suitable for special occasions such as large temperature differences and small flow rates.
  • The water-cooled condenser adopts the latest high-efficiency externally threaded copper pipes, which have a large heat dissipation capacity. It adopts the latest CAD/CAM processing technology and is manufactured in cooperation with CNC machining centers, with a compact structure, high efficiency, and energy saving.
  • Industrial chiller unit configuration: equipped with a microcontroller control system, built-in compressor dryer filter and expansion valve, maintenance manual valve interface and other devices, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the machine and convenient maintenance.
  • The multifunctional operation panel of the industrial chiller unit is equipped with an ammeter, control system fuse, compressor on/off button, water pump on/off button, electronic temperature controller, various safety and security fault lights, as well as unit startup and operation indicator lights, making it easy to operate and use.

  • Plastic Industry: Precisely control the temperature of various plastic granulation molds, reduce beer forming cycle time, and ensure stable product quality.

  • Electronic Industry: Stabilize the molecular formula of electronic components in production lines, improve the standard rate of electronic components, apply in the field of ultrasonic cleaning, and reasonably avoid the damage caused by expensive detergent evaporation and evaporation.

  • Electroplating Field: Controlling electroplating temperature, improving the relative density and smoothness of electroplated parts, shortening electroplating cycles, improving productivity, and improving product quality.

  • Mechanical Engineering: Control the working pressure and oil temperature of the steam pressure system software, stabilize the water temperature and steam pressure, increase the use time of oil, improve the lubrication efficiency of mechanical equipment, and reduce wear.

  • Engineering Construction Industrial production: providing frozen water for concrete, making the molecular formula of concrete suitable for the main purpose of engineering construction, and reasonably improving the strength and ductility of concrete.

  • Vacuum Coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the plated parts.

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries: In the medical industry, the key is to control the temperature of hair alcohol drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises should flexibly use chiller equipment, fully leverage its advantages, strengthen technological innovation, improve the cost-effectiveness of chillers, and better serve projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Laser Industry: used for laser marking machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, laser inkjet printers, laser cutting machines and other laser processing equipment, accurately controlling the temperature required by laser equipment to ensure the normal operation of laser equipment.


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Temperature Control :-120℃~350℃

Temperature Control: -40℃~100℃

Temperature Control: -85℃~250℃

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