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Temperature and pressure play a decisive role in the cannabis extraction procedure. Depending on the physical state of the solvent under standard conditions, it must be liquefied by cooling or pressure or evaporated by heating at the end of the extraction process.

The careful temperature management of the processing plant not only ensures high extraction yields but also efficient recovery of the used solvents. Whether decarboxylation, distillation or winterization, temperature control also plays a decisive role in the further processing of crude oil.


With Glass Reactor|

Temperature control range: -10℃~200℃

Heating Power: 2.5kW~15kW

Cooling Power: 1.5kW~5.5kW

Power MAX: 20kW

Types: Water-cooled Chillers / Air-cooled Chillers

LT-5090N |

Distillation Synthesis Vessel|

Temperature control range: -45℃~30℃

Cooling Power: 0.75kW~12kW

Power MAX: 8kW

Types: Air-cooled Chillers

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