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Water-cooled chillers are widely used in medical, biological, chemical, and other industries. Due to their heat exchange through water, they are suitable for coating, mechanical processing, rapid cooling, and stable temperature control, without being affected by environmental factors. LNEYA’s water cooled chiller does not require a cooling tower, so it is very simple to install and can be moved according to demand, making it convenient and suitable for situations where there is a lack of water sources without installing a water tower.

LNEYA’s water-cooled chillers have three types: constant temperature, low temperature and ultra-low temperature.

It can be used for temperature control of various chemical and pharmaceutical reaction processes, as well as temperature simulation of vehicle component quality test and temperature cooling of chip semiconductor manufacturing process.

SUNDI series : Temperature control of various reactors and raw materials, temperature simulation of vehicle component quality testing and temperature control of chip manufacturing process.
TES series : Temperature control of chip manufacturing process; Fuel oil test heating and cooling.
WTD series : Special for temperature control of microchannel reactor.
KRY series :Temperature simulation of vehicle component quality test; Temperature Simulation of Automobile Antifreeze Test
LT LJ CDLJ series : Refrigeration cooling unit for Extraction, Winterization, Crystallization, Chemosynthesis process etc.

Air Cooled Chillers Vs Water Cooled Chillers

  • Air cooled chillers require less maintenance than water-cooled chillers.
  • Air cooled chillers do not require a cooling tower or a condenser water pump.
  • Consume approximately 10% more power than a water-cooled unit due to wet surfaces transferring heat better than dry surfaces.

Ultra-low Temperature For Extraction, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical

ModelCooling Capacity  Circulation PumpExpansion TankPower
LC -25°C~ 5°C12kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR100L~1800L12kW~247kW
LJ -45°C~-10°C6kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR50L~1800L102kW~247kW
LN -60°C~ -10°C6kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR100L~1800L14kW~300kW
LD -80°C~ -30°C  4kW~270kW10m³/h~250m³/h 2.5BAR100L~2200L14kW~588kW
CDLJ -110°C~-50°C2kW~180kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR50L~1000L14kW~768kW
LT -120°C~-70°C0.3kW~4kW20L/min0.7BAR~35L/min1BAR8.6kW~36kW
SLJ -110°C~-150°C1.4kW~11kW14L~40L5.5kW~14kW

High & Low Temperature For Reaction/Lab Testing

ModelCooling Capacity  Heaing PowerCirculation PumpPower 220V 380V
SUNDI -30℃~180℃0.3kW~3kW2kW~3kW10L/min 0.8bar~20L/min 2bar2.9kW~4.5kW
SUNDI -10℃~200℃1.5kW~15kW2.5kW~15kW20L/min 2bar~75L/min 2.5bar3.6kW~20kW
SUNDI -25℃~200℃1kW~200kW2.5kW~200kW20L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar4kW~260kW
SUNDI -25℃~300℃1kW~200kW2.5kW~200kW20L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar4kW~260kW
SUNDI -45℃~250℃0.45kW~200kW3.5kW~200kW35L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar6.5kW~280kW
SUNDI -45℃~300℃0.9kW~25kW5.5kW~25kW35L/min 2bar~150L/min 2.5bar9.5kW~38kW
SUNDI -60℃~250℃2.5kW~60kW0.25kW~60kW20L/min 2bar~250L/min 2.5bar5kW~95kW
SUNDI -70℃~250℃0.4kW~15kW2.5kW~15kW20L/min 2bar~110L/min 2.5bar5.2kW~28kW
SUNDI -80℃~250℃0.3kW~80kW3kW~80kW20L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar7.5kW~150kW
SUNDI -90℃~250℃0.2kW~80kW3kW~80kW20L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar8kW~170kW
SUNDI -100℃~135℃0.45kW~80kW3.5kW~80kW35L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar12kW~200kW

High &Low Temperature Control For Semiconductor Test

ModelHeating PowerRefrigerating OutputTemp. control AccuracyPowerCirculation Pump
TES -45℃~250℃2.5kW~25kW0.25kW~25kW±0.3℃6kW~36kW20L~150L/min2.5bar
TES -85℃~200℃2.5kW~25kW0.25kW~25kW±0.3℃6.5kW~50kW20L~150L/min2.5bar
TES -60℃~200℃15kW~60kW3kW~60kW±0.3℃28kW~105kW110L~300L/min2.5bar

High &Low Temperaute Control For Vehicle Test

ModelHeating PowerCooling CapacityTemp. control AccuracyPower
KRY  -40℃~+100℃5.5kW~38kW1.2kW~60kW±0.5℃12kW~82kW
KRY 0℃~+100℃2.5kW~38kW1.8kW~60kW±0.5℃6.5kW~50kW
KRY -25℃~+100℃5.5kW~25kW2.8kW~38kW±0.5℃11kW~45kW

Used For Distillation ExtractionLow&High Temperature



Used For Semiconductor TestLow&High Temperature



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