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KRY 0℃~+100℃(1&6)
KRY 0℃~+100℃(1&6)
KRY 0℃~+100℃(1&6)
KRY 0℃~+100℃(1&6)
KRY 0℃~+100℃(1&6)

KRY 0℃~100℃ 1&6S

Normal temperature chiller for vehicle antifreeze test temperature simulation
  • Heating Power15kW~38kW
  • Cooling capacity18kW~60kW
  • Power range38kW~82kW
  • Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
  • Flow rate output2~50 L/min
  • RefrigerantR404A/R507C/R125/N40
  • Weight900KG~1950KG

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KRY 0℃~100℃ 1&6S (6 sets of auxiliary temperature control, pressure and flow controlled separately)

Model KRY-A25W/6S KRY-A38W/6S KRY-A60W/6S
Temp. Range 0℃~+100℃
Temp. control precision ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Temp. feedback Pt100 Pt100 Pt100
Temp. display 0.01k 0.01k 0.01k
Flow control/Group 2~20 L/min 2~20 L/min 2~20 L/min
Flow control accuracy/Group ±0.2L ±0.2L ±0.2L
Number of fluid output groups 6 Groups 6 Groups 6 Groups
pressure control/Group 0.2bar~2.5bar 0.2bar~2.5bar 0.2bar~2.5bar
flow pressure description The equipment can control flow and pressure separately. need to control at the same time using different solutions (to be customized)
Heating power 15kW 25kW 38kW
cooling capacity 100℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
20℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
5℃ 18kW 27kW 42kW
compression Emerson Valley Wheel Compressor
expansion Electronic Expansion Valve
oil distributor Emerson
Dry filter, Pressure Danfoss
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger
Ciriulating pump Nangfang centrifugal pump can be selected with imported brand magnetic pump
Frequency Delta
Flow, Pressure sensor German brand flowmeter, johnson Controls pressure
input, Display 5 inch color touch screen \ PLC controller
Communication Modbus RTU protocol RS485 interface, optional CAN communication bus, Ethernet interface TCP/IP protocol
Safety protection With self-diagnosis function; Refrigerator overload protection; High pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection
device, low liquid level protection, high temperature protection, sensor fault protection and other safety functions
is it a fully closed system The whole system is a fully closed system, there will be no oil mist at high temperature, and the water in the air will not be absorbed at low temperature. The system will not increase the pressure due to high temperature in operation, and the thermal conduction medium will be automatically supplemented at low temperature.
refrigerant R404A/R507C/R125/N40  All four refrigerants are available
Connection size There are six groups of inlet and outlet,ZG3/4
Cooling water at 20C° 6000L/H 9000L/H 15000L/H
Condenser(W) Shenshi tube type heat exchanger
Power 380V50HZ 38kW 55kW 82kW
Dimension cm 200*145*205 200*145*205 200*145*205
Weight 900kg 1200kg 1950kg
Optional 220V 60HZ three phase    460V 60H three phase
Optional Extend to -40~+135℃
Optional The size external circulation pipe line is DN15 or DN20, do not throttle, which will increase the circulation pump load,
pipe need to be insulated, and adopt rubber and plastic insulation pipe which can afford high temp.
Optional When the temperature is lower than the normal temperature, the refrigeration system adopts the refrigeration PID to adjust the cooling capacity, and does not adopt the heating countermeasures, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving

Product Description

Working Principle

Temperature simulation for vehicle quality test: battery life test, fuel injector/motor test bench, airbag test, component test bench, etc. It can simulate the external environmental conditions in the climate chamber or replace the internal system, which can create the necessary actual temperature conditions for the test bench.

Test temperature of main test items of vehicle electronics:

   IC test conditions for locomotives: -40℃~125℃, wind blowing, sun exposure, high vibration;
   Instrument panel operation test test conditions: -40℃~85℃;
  Motor controller test conditions: operating test temperature: 40 ℃ ~ 110 ℃;
Satellite positioning (GPS) Test conditions: high temperature operation test temperature: 85℃; low temperature operation test temperature: -40℃;
  Compound vibration: -40℃~80℃;
  Obviously the best solution is for the test house to have temperature simulation system equipment.

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