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KRY -25℃~+100℃
KRY -25℃~+100℃
KRY -25℃~+100℃
KRY -25℃~+100℃
KRY -25℃~+100℃

KRY -25℃~100℃ Vehicle test chiller

Vehicle antifreeze test temperature simulation
  • Heating Power5.5kW~25kW
  • Cooling capacity2.8kW~38kW
  • Power range11kW~45kW
  • Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
  • Flow rate output1~50 L/min
  • RefrigerantR404A/R507C
  • Weight230KG~830KG

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Send us a message about KRY series

Temperature range is -25℃~+100℃, which can be extended to +135℃ according to the actual situation, and the temperature control accuracy is plus or minus 0.5℃. The  equipment can control the flow and pressure independently while controlling the temperature, and different customized solutions are required for simultaneous control.

  The tested object is attached to a test platform adapter.
The inside of the part was cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.
  The test component needs to go through a specific temperature profile and record changes in temperature.
  When performing a tolerance test, it usually takes an infinite loop.

  Equipped with a powerful circulation pump while ensuring the delivery of highly viscous liquids.
   Control the flow output with variable frequency regulation or proportional control valve to achieve high precision control total range 5%~100% adjustment.

Parameters Description

Model Symbol Unit KRY-255 KRY-275 KRY-2A10 KRY-2A15 KRY-2A25 KRY-2A38W
  KRY-255W KRY-275W KRY-2A10W KRY-2A15W KRY-2A25W  
Temp Range   -25℃~+100 -25℃~+100 -25℃~+100 -25℃~+100 -25℃~+100 -25℃~+100
Flow rate output   115 L/min 125 L/min 130 L/min 140 L/min 140 L/min 550 L/min
Flow rate accuracy   ±0.2 L/min ±0.2 L/min ±0.2 L/min ±0.2 L/min ±0.2 L/min ±0.2 L/min
Heating power   5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 10KW 15KW 25KW
Cooling capacity @100       Optional 15KW Optional 25KW Optional 38KW
@20 5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 15KW 25KW 38KW
@0 5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 15KW 25KW 38KW
@-20 5.5KW 7.5KW 10KW 15KW 25KW 38KW
  2.8KW 3.8KW 4.6KW 7KW 12KW 16KW
Cooling water @25 1500L/H 2500L/H 3000L/H 4000L/H 6000L/H 9000L/H
Power 380V50HZ 11KW max 14KW max 19KW max 23KW max 31KW max 45KW max
Dimension (W) cm 55*95*175 55*95*175 55*95*175 70*100*175 80*120*185 100*150*185
(A) cm 55*95*175 55*95*175 70*100*175 80*120*185 100*150*185 /
Weight (water cooling)   230kg 250kg 300kg 320kg 570kg 830kg
Compression Emerson Valley Wheel / Danfoss Scroll flexible Compressor
Expansion valve Thermal expansion valve
Dry filter Emerson/Danfoss
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger
Input,Display 7-inch color touch screen \ PLC controller
Program edit 5 procedures may be prepared, each of which may be composed of 40 steps
Communication CAN communication bus
Safety protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, low liquid level protection, high temperature protection, sensor fault protection, etc.
Closed circulation system The whole system is a fully enclosed system. There is no oil mist at high temperature, and low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air. The system does not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation, and the heat medium is automatically replenished at low temperature.
refrigerant R404A/ R507C
Condenser(W) Tube type heat exchanger (Paris/Shenshi)
Condenser(A) Copper tube aluminum finned heat exchanger (upward wind)
Optional 220V 60HZ Three phase 400V 50HZ Three phase 440V 60HZ Three phase
Optional Extend to -40~+135
Optional Higher precision control of temperature, flow and pressure
Optional Automatic antifreeze filling system

Product Description

The System Process Flow Is As Follows:

The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator of the unit is exchanged with the circulating air in the interior of the tank. The temperature rises from liquid to gas, and is sucked into the suction port of the compressor. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas after compression by the compressor passes through The oil separator separates the refrigerating machine oil carried in the compression process, and then enters the condenser, and exchanges heat with ambient air or cooling water to change from high temperature and high pressure gas to high pressure normal temperature liquid. The high-pressure normal temperature refrigerant liquid is dried by a filter and then throttled and depressurized by an expansion valve, that is, from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure liquid. The low-pressure liquid (lower boiling point) enters the evaporator of the unit, and the cooling air is brought to the inside of the tank through the circulating air to achieve refrigeration.

The anti-freeze solution is injected into the 80L pressure vessel, and the fully closed circulation system is adopted. This avoids the opportunity for the antifreeze to contact with the outside air and ensures the condensation of the water. After the expansion tank is protected by nitrogen, the temperature range of the heat transfer liquid is also broadened because its boiling point is increased. In addition, oxidation of the thermally conductive liquid in contact with oxygen in the environment is also avoided, thereby extending the useful life of the thermally conductive liquid.

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