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Industrial Refrigerators


Cold processing assembly cryogenic refrierator product application objects:

Assembly of various hot work molds and cold work molds;

Assembly of gears and shafts of various gearboxes and gearboxes;

Assembly of precision mechanical parts;

Assembly of various motor stators and rotors; automobile parts and engine parts.

Cold processing assembly cryogenic refrigerator products are suitable for a wide range of:

Suitable for high-speed steel measuring tools, blades, oil pumps, oil nozzles, micro motor shafts, automotive bearings, golf heads, rollers, cryogenic valves, knives, measuring tools, molds, casting industry, hardware industry, auto parts, textile parts, precision stamping Molds, nano materials, precision plastic molds, cutting tools, hobbing cutters, screw punches, knitting machine parts, precision springs, aluminum alloy materials, motor shafts, screw plates, powder metallurgy molds, packaging molds, tungsten carbide materials, Pneumatic tool parts, golf heads, racing engines, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, cemented carbide, plastics, rubber, asphalt, glass, Kuangshan geological drill bits, grease nipples, springs, gears, bearings, saw blades, turbine shafts of engines , Rollers, valves, high-speed tool steel, cemented carbide tools and various drills, mechanical parts, medicine, bioengineering, aerospace and other cryogenic treatment of various metal materials, the interference cooling of various parts and ultra-low temperature environment simulation And other uses.


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