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KRY -40℃~+100℃ 1&6
KRY -40℃~+100℃ 1&6
KRY -40℃~+100℃ 1&6
KRY -40℃~+100℃ 1&6
KRY -40℃~+100℃ 1&6

KRY -40℃~100℃ 1&6S

Vehicle antifreeze test temperature simulation
  • Heating Power15kW~38kW
  • Cooling capacity10kW~60kW
  • Power range36kW~8kW
  • Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
  • Flow rate output1~40 L/min
  • RefrigerantR404A/R507C
  • Weight250KG~1300KG

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Temperature control in the testing process of new energy vehicle components

temperature control, flow control

The components are cooled and heated internally through ethylene glycol aqueous solution for testing

-40 ° C~100 ° C (expandable to 150 ° C)

Parameters Detailed

Model Synbol Unit KRY-4A25W/6S KRY-4A38W/6S KRY-4A60W/6S
Temp Range  -40℃~+100℃
Flow rate output L/min 1~20  1~20  1~40 
Flow rate accuracy  L/min ±0.2
Heating power kW 15 25 38
Cooling Capacity 100℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
200℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
0℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
 -35℃ 5kW 8kW 13kW
Refrigerant   R404A/R507C/R125/N40
Power 380V50HZ kW max 38 55 82
Dimension(W) cm        
Dimension (A) cm 120*180*205 145*205*225 145*205*225
Weight (water cooling) KG 900 1200 1950
Control Mode Feedback PID + Our special dynamic control calculation, PLC controller
Temp. control Process temp. control and jacket temp. control model
Temp. difference Set or control the temperature difference between jacket oil and raw material process
Program Editor 10 programs, each program can edit 40 steps
Communication Portocol MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS485 interface
Material temp. feedback PT100 OR 4~20mA or communication(normal: PT100)
Temp. feedback The temp. of three points: the inlet and outlet of equipment,reactor material temp.(external temp. sensor)
Expansion valve Emerson thermal expansion valve/danfoss thermal expansion valve
Evaporator DANFOSS/KAORI Plate heat exchanger
Operation Panel 7-inch touch screen,show temp curve\EXCEL data output
Safety protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay,thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.
Closed circulation system The whole system is full closed circulation, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, pressure do not rise up when system is running. The system will supply oil automatically at low temperature.
Refrigerant R404A/R507C/R125/N40  All four refrigerants are available

Product Description

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Request a quotation about KRY -40℃ 1&6

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