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Motor test bench test and temperature system for vehicle components

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All vehicle components must undergo rigorous testing, but safety programs must undergo more stringent durability and terminal testing. Many physical methods can be used to load the motor, but the small motor test bench is favored for its high speed, flexibility, and ability to reverse the test piece at high speeds.

The test bench is an AC power dynamometer with four-quadrant operation capability and can work independently in the speed or torque control mode. The system is equipped with a bench test system, a control system, a test and measurement system, a calibration system, and a cooling water thermostat system.

When the small motor test bench applies load and temperature cycling, many data parameters are recorded, some of which are recorded at high speed. Typical properties are motor voltage, current, temperature, torque and speed. One area of major interest is motor cogging (torque pulsation), especially at low speeds. Audible noise and vibration can also be a problem, and sensors and data acquisition can also be included.

The high-voltage electric vehicle new energy motor test bench test area is used for the test of the test piece.
The motor under test can measure the current, voltage and power of the motor under test through a power analyzer.
The test area also includes the cooling system of the motor under test. It can detect the characteristic curve of the motor under test at different cooling temperatures. The cooling system has temperature and pressure alarm signals.

There are many reasons for motor testing. Durability testing ensures that the motor is calculated for the length of time to simulate the long-term life of the car. Performance testing requires benchmarking the performance of the motor at various temperatures and loads. Regardless of the type of test, various loads are applied when the motor is thermally cycled. Simpler motors typically withstand different loads, but remain at a relatively constant speed, changing only the input voltage to simulate high and low battery conditions.

LNEYA new energy battery motor test temperature control system KRY equipment is widely used in the industry, one can connect multiple test equipment at the same time, achieve precise temperature control, and do not interfere with the temperature control process.

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