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Professional introduction of dynamometer with motor cooling device

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In the test of AC and DC motor and power tool, the test equipment such as dynamometer is often used. The dynamometer mainly tests the torque, speed and output power of the motor.

The speed of the dynamometer usually Professional introduction of dynamometer with motor cooling devicennot exceed the maximum speed that can be withstood. If it is used for a long time, it will be burnt out because the heat cannot be dissipated, especially the mechanical wear, which greatly shortens the service life of the dynamometer. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cooling device.

The motor cooling device is disposed on the dynamometer for cooling the motor installed in the dynamometer; the dynamometer includes a base, the motor includes a spindle that is disposed at opposite ends of the base, and the cooling device can effectively cool the motor The bearings at both ends and the rotor make the motor and bearing temperature rise and fall to a lower level, improving the accuracy of the motor test and reducing the damage rate.

The LNEYA motor cooling unit can be attached to the test platform (dynamometer) and the inside of the part is cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol. Test components need to go through a specific temperature profile and record temperature changes. The temperature change is usually in the range of -40 to 100 degrees. (Extensible to 150 degrees) When performing tolerance testing, an infinite loop is usually required. One device can realize multi-channel output, and each channel can control different flows without interfering with each other. Fully enclosed tube design, high efficiency plate heat exchanger for lifting temperature and constant temperature control in new energy battery and motor testing, especially suitable for heat dissipation and heat release process control during testing.

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