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New Energy Vehicle Motor Test Equipment

New Energy Vehicle Motor Test Equipment

  • New Energy Vehicle Motor Test Equipment
New Energy Vehicle Motor Test Equipment

  • Product Description

Types of Automotive Vehicles:

HEV(Hybrid Electric Vehicle), BEV(Battery Electric Vehicle), Hydrogen Motor Car,
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, EREV(Extended-Range Electric Vehicle),
Other New Energy Vehicle

Crown Asia product advantages:

1. The LCD controller panel implements local + remote control mode.
2. Load automatic fault protection function, which can output corresponding signals to ensure the safety of equipment operation.
3. The main parts are all international brands and quality assurance.
4, the appearance is beautiful, the surface is treated with high-pressure electrostatic spray.
5, can add auxiliary equipment according to specific needs

Technical Parameters:

LNEYA application LNEYA application
Model KRY-475W KKRY-4A10W KRY-4A15W KRY-4A25W
Temp. range -40℃~+100℃ -40℃~+100℃ -40℃~+100℃ -40℃~+100℃
Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Temp. feedback Pt100 Pt100 Pt100 Pt100
Temp. Display 0.01k 0.01k 0.01k 0.01k
Flow output control 3~30 L/min 3~40 L/min 3~40 L/min 3~40 L/min
Flow control accuracy ±0.3 L/min ±0.3 L/min ±0.3 L/min ±0.3 L/min
Pressure display Using the Jefferson pressure sensor, the pressure is displayed on the touch screen
Heating power 7.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw
Cooling capacity 100℃ 7.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw
20℃ 7.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw
0℃ 7.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw
-20℃ 4.5kw 6kw 10kw 16kw
-40℃ 1.8kw 2.5kw 4kw 6.5kw
Compressor Danfoss / Emerson  Scroll flexible compressor
Expansion valve Danfoss / Emerson  heating power expansion valve
Oil separator Emerson
Dry filter Danfoss / Emerson
Evaporator KAORI Plate heat exchanger
Operation panel Siemens 7-inch color touch screen controller
Safety protection Self-diagnosis function;freezer overload protection;high pressure switch,overload relay,
thermal protection device,liquid low level protection,high temp. protection and temp. fault protection
circulation system
The whole system is fully closed circulation. There is no oil mist at high temperatures and no water vapor
at low temperature.pressure do not rise up when system is running, The system will supplement oil
automatically at low temperatures.
Refrigerant R404A/ R507C
Connection size G3/4
Water-cooled type
(cooling water at 25℃)
1500L/H 2000L/H 2800L/H 4500L/H
Water-cooled condenser Paris/shen  shell and tube exchanger
Power 380V 50HZ 13kw MAX 17KW MAX 25KW MAX 38KW MAX
Dimension (mm) 550*700*1350 650*700*1650 700*800*1650 1000*950*1750
Weight 280kg 320kg 360kg 620kg
Optional 220V 60HZ three-phase 400V 50HZ three-phase 440V 60HZ three-phase
Optional The temperature extends to -40℃~+150℃
Optional Increase pressure control of antifreeze outlet
Optional Higher precision control temperature, flow, pressure
Optional Flow control to 0.5L/min
Optional CAN communication bus
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