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Test of working temperature of electric vehicle power battery

The normal working temperature range of power batteries for electric vehicles is -30 ~ 52 ° C, and the working temperature range is -46 ~ 66 ° C, which is difficult to achieve with existing power batteries. Although local warming measures can be used for battery packs, they increase costs. Each type of battery has an optimum operating temperature range, beyond which battery performance will be reduced or impaired. Therefore, before the production of power batteries, manufacturers need to perform related temperature tests or inspection agencies to perform similar tests.

The cooling and heating system components of electric vehicles must be tested at different pressure levels and temperatures. The performance and power consumption of these systems must be tested to ensure that they do not significantly reduce the mileage of the vehicle. In a typical test, a complete auxiliary heater or component, such as a valve, hose, and other hollow valve, is inserted into a test slot on a pressure cycle table.

A cooling circuit is usually tested in a temperature range of minus 40 to 20 degrees, while a heating circuit is tested in a temperature range of 20 to 140 degrees. Power consumption and performance are usually tested at alternating temperatures. Low-voltage or high-voltage power sources can be selected, and operation can be simulated with on-board batteries and generators or traction accumulators. In many electric vehicles today, heating and cooling systems can drain the battery, negatively affecting the mileage of the car. By comparing the test results before and after the load test on the pressure cycle test bench, we can see how the change in battery power consumption and performance affects the service life of the vehicle.

A comprehensive long-term test usually takes 20 to 30 days, depending on how often the load changes. The temperature and volume flow of the test medium and the ambient temperature (if the test takes place in a climatic chamber) vary according to the test specifications. The temperature and flow rate, pressure, and pressure drop of the inlet and outlet of the test object circuit are continuously measured. The test here focuses on the thermal and electrical performance of the heating and cooling device under different environmental conditions.

Lneya's new energy battery cooling and heating system KRY series is widely used in production lines or testing departments of related companies in China. The temperature control precision is high, and the single fluid medium temperature control saves resources and costs.

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