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Laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system operation instructions

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With the wide application of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system has a certain position in the pharmaceutical chemical industry as a supporting common temperature control equipment.

The experimental room temperature control system is mainly applied to the new closed system design of the professional liquid temperature control system for on-site process experiments and small-scale process production. The laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system can play a great role in each request for rapid temperature change and Rapid reaction time in the experiment. It is used to control the temperature of glass or metal reactors in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical research. In the field of polymeric chemical reactions and biotechnology, it also provides temperature control for synthesizers, bioreactors and fermenters.

The laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system can not be turned on too fast, and the operators tend to be too hasty in the process of use. When the machine is just running, the machine will be transferred to a larger value. In fact, this method is often counterproductive. When the machine is in a shutdown state, a large-scale mixing impeller suddenly reacts with the material, causing the machine to run. Based on this situation, the reactor agitator can be easily reversed, and it is possible to cause the body temperature to rise rapidly and to destroy the reactor temperature balance.

Under normal circumstances, the heating and cooling system of the laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system uses a heat exchanger, which is generally a coil or a jacket for indirect temperature control, which is simple and convenient. The jacket is provided with heat transfer oil, cooling water or other inlets for heating and cooling the medium. Laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system heating medium often has two kinds of heat transfer oil and water, the temperature used is different. When heated, the heat medium enters from the bottom and the upper portion flows out, allowing the heat transfer medium to fill the space of the entire jacket.

Sometimes for larger containers, in order to obtain better heat transfer effect, a spiral baffle is arranged in the jacket space to reduce the flow area of the fluid in the jacket, increase the flow velocity of the fluid, and avoid short circuit, but the structure is complicated. When the diameter of the kettle body is large or the pressure of the heat transfer medium is large, a welded semicircular spiral tube or a spiral angle steel structure is usually used instead of the jacket type structure. The flow rate of the heat medium increases the heat transfer effect of the reactor and increases the strength and rigidity of the external pressure resistor of the reactor.

The laboratory temperature refrigeration heating cycle system is also quite a lot of manufacturers in the same industry. The high configuration can solve the problem of cooling and heating temperature control more efficiently.

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