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Precautions for cooling and heating during operation of various reactors

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In many laboratories, various reaction vessels of chemical companies are indispensable reaction vessels, and its operating temperature: -80°C-250°C. The laboratory reactor works at normal temperature, and cooling water must be passed normally to avoid magnetic reduction and demagnetization of the magnetic steel.

For the user, there is no headache than not knowing what kind of temperature control equipment to choose to suit their own test or production requirements. The most common requirement is to calculate the required heating power and cooling power according to the required heating and cooling speed. Therefore, the market application of reactor cooling and heating control equipment is becoming more and more widespread.

During the operation of the reactor, some problems have to be taken seriously, such as: how to maintain the constant temperature of the reactor control system. If the temperature control of the reactor is not balanced, it will seriously affect the reaction process and quality. For this issue, the author proposes the following:

1. The startup operation speed cannot be too fast

In the process of using the reactor cooling and heating control equipment, the operator is often very anxious. When the machine is just in operation, it will turn the machine to a larger value. In fact, this approach is often counterproductive and the machine is in shutdown. Under the condition, the stirring impeller is suddenly increased to carry out material reaction, which will cause the operating load of the body. Based on this situation, the reactor agitator is likely to reverse, if the body is not reversed at that time, it will cause The blender is deformed. In addition to deformation, it will also cause the body temperature to rise rapidly, which will damage the mechanical properties.

2.The cooling temperature of the reaction kettle should be gradually cycled.

During the long-term operation of the reactor cooling and heating control equipment, the temperature rise of the kettle body is also a reasonable phenomenon, but it is afraid that the temperature will rise to the rated temperature, which will affect the reaction of the material. In this case, the cooling of the reactor installation The system performs the cooling effect in time under the function of manual adjustment. Another point that needs to be reminded is that during the cooling process, we must pay attention to the gradual cycle to avoid temperature differences.

3.Material processing volume should be within a reasonable range

Affecting the temperature change of the reactor heating and heating control equipment also has the amount of material processing. The more the amount of material processing, the higher the temperature of the reaction kettle. Here we remind the operators of the equipment that the temperature of the reaction kettle may not be due to too much material. Reach the ideal temperature within the specified time. Don’t worry about this, it is normal.

It can be seen that if you want the reactor control system to maintain a constant temperature, you must also follow the correct operating methods, especially when the temperature is lowered, the operator must be anxious to reduce the temperature too quickly, resulting in a temperature difference, which will cause the entire production process. influences.

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