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Use of electric vehicle battery chillers in the applied industry

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In the electric vehicle industry, the battery pack is one of its main components, with high difficulty and complex nature, so the choice of chiller for its testing is also very important.

The LNEYA electric vehicle battery chiller provides a solution for all relevant characteristics required to optimize durability, range and efficiency of the battery pack, since the battery pack PACK is a highly complex high current high voltage system with BMS, cooling system and electrical and mechanical components. It is important to choose the right chiller.

The testing of new energy electric vehicle batteries includes not only battery voltage, current and temperature, but also all BMS-related signals. The electric vehicle battery chiller battery pack test system provides a complete real-time solution for new energy battery motors. Components in the test environment can be controlled and measured in real time, and these measurements are then used directly as variables in further testing. Data evaluation can be performed directly during the test without further complicated post-processing.

The chiller synchronizes all components in the test environment and records its measurements and uses them as variables in the rest of the test sequence: BMS, temperature/climate chamber and DUT adjustment, measurement and control modules for recording voltage , temperature and provide all analog and digital inputs and outputs.

LNEYA new energy electric car battery chiller is suitable for new energy battery / motor test with fully enclosed pipeline design, high efficiency plate heat exchanger, applied to new energy battery, motor test, temperature rise, constant temperature control, especially suitable for testing There is a need for heat and heat release process control. The new energy battery chiller can not only control the temperature, but also control the flow and pressure. The temperature control range of the product is -40 degrees to 135 degrees, and the antifreeze flow control range is 2~20L/min. The product provides high and low temperature testing of antifreeze liquid and flow and pressure control of antifreeze for new energy automobile motor and battery pack. The battery pack can be tested in a high and low temperature environment, and the battery pack is provided with high temperature, low temperature, control flow, pressure and the like.

In addition to being used in the new energy battery industry, it can also be used in motor testing. The new energy electric vehicle battery chiller developed by LNEYA meets the requirements of the production line.

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