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How to buy a laboratory chiller and maintenance knowledge?

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Laboratory chillers are products that provide constant temperature cold sources in industry and laboratories. If they cannot provide accurate cooling capacity, it will affect the operation of the equipment. Therefore, the laboratory chiller should choose the appropriate model when purchasing.

Shopping elements:

1. Selection of cooling capacity
The selection of laboratory chillers is one of the more important factors. The user can provide the manufacturer with the required working conditions, and the manufacturer will select the type according to the working conditions. The selection of cooling capacity has a great influence on the operation of the equipment. Too much selection will increase the cost of the product. If the selection is too small, the equipment will not be able to achieve the expected cooling capacity. Therefore, the rationality of the selection of the cooling capacity of the equipment model will be affected. The normal operating efficiency of the equipment.

2. The amount of chilled water
The water flow rate of the laboratory chiller will also affect its heat exchange effect, so it is necessary to calculate the amount of chilled water, which can be calculated based on the density and heat exchange ratio. The closer the result, the better, which can make the cooling effect better.

3. Temperature of inlet and outlet
When the laboratory chiller is running, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature difference between its inlet and outlet temperature, that is, the heat generated by the operation of the equipment. This heat is also one of the factors that affect the selection of the equipment, and it also requires the user’s attention.

In addition to the above factors, laboratory chillers also need to pay attention to factors such as the upper and lower temperature difference, volume, and density that they need to be cooled. But with long-term use, its reasonable maintenance can also help the laboratory chiller to run better.

Maintenance knowledge:

1. The laboratory water chiller should be placed indoors as far as possible in a shaded environment. Take care to avoid long-term sunlight exposure near the indoor windows, which may cause the laboratory water chiller to fail heat dissipation. If it is not used in normal times, it is recommended to do the corresponding protection work to avoid the gray layer.

2. After a long-term operation of the laboratory chiller, some internal components of the equipment may generate certain dust and debris, which need to be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the operation of the equipment and affecting the heat dissipation effect of the equipment.

3. If the laboratory chiller finds that the condensing temperature or condensing pressure is too high, you need to pay attention to its heat dissipation problem to avoid poor heat dissipation affecting work efficiency.

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