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What is the temperature of the cryogenic cooling circulator?

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The LNEYA cryogenic cooling circulator has a cooling temperature range from -125 degrees to -20 degrees. It adopts a computer cascade temperature controller and a PT100 temperature sensor, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1 degrees. The product adopts ethylene glycol and water mixture for circulating refrigeration to save water resources; adopts supercooling technology to ensure temperature stability at low temperatures.

Structure analysis:
1. Control panel: display set temperature and measured temperature touch key operation to input temperature;
2. Slotted temperature control, no notch on the top, stainless steel high temperature reaction tank;
3. Brand compressors, all compressors are imported brands with high efficiency;
4. Electrical cabinet: The electrical cabinet has clear wiring and compact structure;
5. Liquid inlet and outlet interface: provide standard interface size, stainless steel material, anti-rust;
6. Circulating pump: a powerful circulating pump to ensure the delivery of high-viscosity liquids;

Method of setting temperature:
Press the set key to set or view the temperature setting value, press set to build the upper row to display the set temperature, press the up and down keys to adjust the set temperature, and then press the set key, the upper row displays st, the lower row displays “0”, no Need timing, st can be set to 0, press the set key to return, the upper row displays the measured temperature, the lower row displays the set temperature, generally the laboratory temperature is greater than the ambient temperature +5 ℃ or the set temperature is higher than 40 ℃ bi The refrigeration switch must be turned off. The internal parameter cl of the temperature controller is generally 0, and the compressor refrigeration delay ct is set to 240 seconds. If the temperature control progress is higher than plus or minus 0.2℃, the internal parameter p can be set It is 3.0. At this time, the compressor is always on, and the temperature can be supplemented by heating, and the control accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.2°C.

Air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit refrigeration system is used to provide low-temperature circulating cooling water flow or low-temperature constant-temperature water flow to meet the needs of cooling water and low-temperature liquid for cooling or constant temperature equipment, such as rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, electron microscope, low-temperature chemical reaction For kettles, reaction kettles, etc., various volumes can also be tested directly in the tank at low temperature and constant temperature.

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