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What are the influences on the refrigeration factors of the enclosed explosion-proof chiller?

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Check if it is the cause of the failure of the enclosed explosion-proof chiller. This selection must be accurate. If the model is not in place, the required cooling effect will not be achieved. It is recommended that the user will need it when purchasing the enclosed explosion-proof chiller. The cooling capacity and other parameters are provided to the chiller manufacturer, and professionals will select the model for you to achieve the required cooling effect.

The enclosed explosion-proof chiller has higher requirements for the working environment, because it is cooled by hot air circulation. If the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect. There is more dust on the surface of the compressor, which leads to slow heat dissipation of the compressor and indirectly affects the cooling effect. There is leakage or shortage of refrigerant in the enclosed explosion-proof chiller, which leads to a decline in the cooling effect of the chiller. The accumulation of debris or sludge in the evaporator causes the flow rate to slow down, which affects the evaporation and condensation capacity and reduces the cooling effect.

The dust in the condenser of the enclosed explosion-proof chiller will affect the heat dissipation effect. The equipped unit is operating at full load, and the ambient temperature rises, resulting in insufficient cooling power and thus affecting the cooling effect.

Insufficient refrigerant, which is what we often call Freon, will also lead to poor cooling performance of the enclosed explosion-proof chiller. During the operation of the chiller, the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator continuously absorbs heat from the water and starts to evaporate. After the compressor is compressed and throttled by the expansion valve, it becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant and enters the evaporator to continue. Circulation, if the use time is too long, the refrigerant will volatilize, which will affect the cooling effect.

When the filter of the enclosed explosion-proof chiller is blocked, it affects the heat exchange effect of the condenser, and the cooling effect of the whole machine is not good. It needs to be checked regularly and cleaned. When the filter is seriously clogged, it is recommended to replace the new filter drier.

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