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Details of the types&functions and characteristics of industrial chillers

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When it comes to industrial chillers, everyone must know it, but what are the specific types? It is a kind of cooling equipment that can continuously perform the cooling function, which is also an important manifestation of the function of industrial chillers.

Classification of industrial chillers:

One is an air-cooled chiller, and the other is a water-cooled chiller. The basic functions and principles of the two are the same, but as the name suggests, the heat dissipation methods of the two are different. The air-cooled chiller relies on the external heat dissipation method, using the installed evaporator to make the water and the refrigerant exchange heat, and the previously installed refrigerant absorbs heat in the water, and after the water is cooled to produce cold water, it will be absorbed by the compressor. The heat is dissipated to the blades installed outside, and then the heat is dissipated into the air by the radiating fins for cooling and cooling. The heat dissipation method of water-cooled chillers is different. After the aforementioned refrigerant system absorbs the heat load, the temperature of the water is reduced to produce cold water, and the heat is brought to the water pipe by the compressor so that the heat can be better dissipated.

Functions of industrial chillers:

The main function of industrial chillers is of course refrigeration and cooling. The water pump pumps water from the water tank to the equipment that the user needs to use. After the chilled water absorbs the heat of water, the temperature rises, so as to achieve the cooling effect on the required equipment. And this process is cyclical. The water is continuously pumped out, the equipment is cooled, and then the water is returned to continue to absorb heat and cool down. In this process, the water in the cooling system is continuously reused. Therefore, the cycle process Another aspect shows the green health and environmental protection of industrial chillers.

Features of air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers:

1. The air chiller does not need to be installed with a cooling water tower, it can be applied to the environment with relatively poor impurities, and the function is relatively powerful. Moreover, it is easy to install and can save installation and floor space to a large extent, which is its advantage over water-cooled chillers.

2. However, in the industry nowadays, water-cooled chillers are more widely used. This is because it has a relatively large heat dissipation capacity, which is convenient for interface and maintenance, and this type of chiller is equipped with compression and drying Device, such a complete system makes it more widely used than air-cooled.

Industrial chillers have various functions:

Water chillers are widely used in many fields. They are suitable for production process cold sources in various chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery and other fields, cooling of heating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, cooling of heating parts of laser devices, and heating of other industrial machines. Partial cooling, analysis and testing of the cooling of the heat-generating part of the machine. For example, the LNEYA circulating chiller FL800 is designed for small laboratory rotary evaporators with a scale of 0.5L~2L. It has a small footprint and can be placed on the bench or floor of the laboratory. It is widely used in low temperature conditions in chemical, biological and physical experiments that need to be carried out at low temperatures.

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