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Brief introduction of explosion-proof curve heating and cooling thermostat

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The explosion-proof curve heating and cooling thermostat SUNDI series adopts compressor refrigeration and linkage heating technology, an integrated piping system, and a plate heat exchanger. It is suitable for equipment connecting reactors for refrigeration and heating reactions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and laboratory industries. In particular, the main functions of the SUNDI series are used for temperature control and constant temperature control of glass reactors, metal reactors, and bioreactors.

The explosion-proof curve heating and cooling thermostat is especially suitable for the process control of heat demand and exotherm during the reaction process. It is suitable for the control of heat-requiring and exothermic processes in the reaction process. The temperature of the materials in the kettle can be linearly controlled. The program control mode can be selected. The temperature difference between the heat transfer medium and the material can also be set. Adopting a fully enclosed pipeline design, which reduces the demand for thermal fluid while increasing the heat utilization rate of the system to achieve rapid temperature rise and fall.

The SUNDI series system is equipped with an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid circulation system are insulated and do not participate in the liquid phase circulation. They are only mechanically connected. Regardless of the temperature of the circulating liquid, the medium in the expansion vessel always maintains room temperature. Since the entire liquid circulation is a closed system, there is no absorption of water vapor at low temperatures and no oil mist generation at high temperatures. The explosion-proof curve temperature control refrigeration and heating integrated machine is equipped with a heating and cooling integrated container, with a large heat exchange area, a rapid heating and cooling rate, and a relatively small demand for heat transfer oil, which can realize continuous heating and cooling.

If you encounter a high and low temperature integrated machine that requires one for two systems, you can choose a dynamic temperature control integrated machine with two independent circulation systems, refrigeration systems, heating systems, and a shared expansion system and electrical system. This cost is relative to For 2 sets of equipment, it is relatively low. If you encounter multiple reactors with high and low temperature control, you can choose the TCU temperature control unit for temperature control.

Explosion-proof curve heating and cooling thermostat application in the pharmaceutical industry: mainly used to control the temperature and humidity of the production workshop and take out the reaction heat during the production of raw materials; chemical industry: mainly used for the cooling of chemical reactors (chemical heat exchangers) Cooling takes away the huge heat generated by the chemical reaction in time to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling) and improve product quality.

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