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Precautions for the use of molecular distillation cooling and heating temperature control

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The SUNDI series of LNEYA refrigeration and heating temperature control system are used together to control the temperature in the process of molecular distillation. What should be paid attention to in use?

If the molecular distillation method cannot pump up the vacuum, it is necessary to check whether the joints, the interface are sealed, the sealing ring and the sealing surface are effective; Cracks, chipping, damage phenomena. Each grinding port of the molecular distillation method, the sealing surface sealing ring and the joint need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation. Before the heating tank is powered on, water must be added. Dry heating without water is not allowed. Screw it into the safety hole to avoid damage to the flask. Glass parts should be handled with care, washed, dried or dried before installation.

The heater of the molecular distillation method must be equipped with a safety valve. The steam pressure in the heater should not exceed 0.01Mpa. The safety valve should be checked frequently for faults, and the steam valve should be closed under any circumstances. When the molecular distillation method circulation pump fails and stops running, the steam should be turned off immediately, and the operation of the molecular distillation method pump should be checked frequently, whether the oil level is normal, and the amount of cooling water. Always observe the motor current and motor temperature of each equipment of the molecular distillation method. It is strictly forbidden to cut off any part of the material in the molecular distillation method under any circumstances. When the ambient temperature of the equipment is below 0 °C, the accumulated water in the equipment and its pipelines should be drained to avoid freezing or blocking the pipelines.

If the molecular distillation method is used improperly, it may lead to certain failures of the temperature control equipment, so it is necessary to pay attention to the above operations.

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