New energy testing method and application case of temperature simulation thermostat

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LNEYA new energy vehicle battery high and low temperature cycle test is one of the most widely used equipment in modern vehicle battery testing. Lithium battery is one of the more common batteries. What should be paid attention to when using it?

Application introduction:

The temperature simulation thermostat system is also called high and low temperature cooling test machine/new energy test thermostat. It consists of a refrigeration compressor unit, a cold storage box, a heat exchange container, a circulating pump unit, and a control device. It is often used for electric drive, motor testing, and battery pack testing of new energy vehicles.


The use of lithium batteries needs to grasp the time, prevent overcharging, and do the right thing at the right time. Although the lithium battery itself has excellent electrochemical performance, however, any kind of thing will have potential safety hazards when it deviates from the equilibrium state.

It is recommended to maintain the lithium battery at a suitable temperature and prevent cold and heat. When idle, lithium batteries usually do not have safety accidents. The purpose of daily maintenance is to place lithium batteries in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of batteries. In fact, one of the parameters of the lithium battery is the appropriate temperature. Relatively speaking, it is not a big problem if the temperature is lower, but if it is placed at a higher temperature, as the saying goes, the extreme will reverse, and it will also cause safety problems. We are talking about idle state only in terms of normal environment

Temperature simulation thermostat maintenance method:
If the lithium battery is placed in water or close to a fire, it is already out of the topic of “maintenance”. Then, what should be done in a normal environment? The water side protects against moisture and the hot side protects against sun exposure. Therefore, in the correct use of lithium batteries, the charging method of lithium batteries is more important, because incorrect charging methods will cause safety problems, and discharge and daily maintenance only affect the service life of lithium batteries. The battery itself is also a consumable. No matter what we do, we can’t avoid its subsequent wear and tear. It’s just that we use the correct method to delay its aging.

Features of new energy application case of temperature simulation thermostat

A suitable proportion of water and ethylene glycol mixture is used as the cooling medium, the temperature adjustment range is -40℃~85℃, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃. The temperature conversion rate is 4 ℃/min, and the Siemens PLC controller is used as the temperature controller, and the temperature control can be freely edited with time.

Flow adjustment range: 2 ~ 30L/min. Flow control accuracy: ±0.2L/min. Pressure adjustment range: 0 ~ 400kpa, pressure control accuracy: ±5kpa. The high and low temperature cooling and heating integrated machine system adopts PLC programming control, and the whole system adopts CAN communication or RS485 communication to link with the upper computer to realize remote control. Realize local and remote manual and automatic temperature control. Remotely set the temperature value, temperature conversion rate and flow value, and run according to the set curve programming. At the same time, it can read the temperature value, flow value and pressure value in real time, and data collection and output functions such as temperature, pressure and flow.

LNEYA provides temperature simulation thermostat customization for electric drive, motor testing and battery pack testing of new energy vehicles. Customized cooling and heating thermostats are available.

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