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The importance of chiller compressors

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In the operation of the precision chiller, the compressor is a more important part. If we want to understand the chiller, we have to understand the compressor.

Most precision chiller compressors have a thermal switch inside. The function of this switch is to disconnect the power supply line to the motor of the compressor when the temperature of the compressor exceeds the set value, and it can be turned on until the compressor cools down. The compressor just works. This is the compressor’s built-in protection, the reasons for this and the solution.

The refrigeration system of the precision chiller is short of refrigerant. When the refrigerant is insufficient, the refrigerant returning to the compressor will be overheated, causing the compressor as a whole to heat up, causing the thermal switch to act, resulting in thermal protection of the compressor. Solution: Make up the refrigerant, and the return pipe of the compressor should be cool when it is turned on.

If the condensing pressure of the precision chiller compressor is too high, the cooling water or the high ambient temperature will make the compressor discharge pressure too high, resulting in an excessively high discharge temperature, thus causing the compressor to overheat. Solution: Clean the condenser, or increase the cooling water flow pressure.

The selection is wrong, the selection is small. When the compressor is too small, there will be a small horse-drawn cart, the chiller will never reach the set temperature, and the compressor will continue to work until the compressor is thermally protected. Solution: To re-select a new chiller, there must be an amplification factor to ensure that the chiller can reach the set temperature and stop.

The motor of the compressor of the precision chiller is faulty, and the insulation of the enameled wire is poor, which will cause the compressor current to be too large, and it will also be thermally protected. Solution: Contact the manufacturer to repair the compressor or replace the compressor.

If the compressor of the precision chiller fails, please ask a professional to handle it according to the specific fault treatment, and do not repair it without permission.

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