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What are the characteristics and application scope of cryogenic refrigeration circulators?

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Specializing in the development and production of low-temperature refrigeration circulators, the refrigeration temperature range is from -120 degrees to -30 degrees. Today, let us take a look at the characteristics of low-temperature refrigeration circulators.

Features of low temperature refrigeration circulator:
1. To save water resources, you can use a mixture of glycol and water for refrigeration cycle, saving resources, strict circulation pipeline design, preventing circulating water pollution and extending the use time of circulating water
2. Multi-protection operation is more reliable
3. Adopt brand compressor, cascade supercooling refrigeration technology
4. Humanized design, flexible and more convenient
5. Double condensing high-efficiency system
6. Computer cascade temperature controller, temperature digital display, adjustment unit 0.1 degree, PT100 temperature sensor, temperature control range -120~30℃
7. Using super-cooling technology to ensure temperature stability at low temperatures
8. The temperature difference between turning on the compressor and turning off the compressor can be set
9. Ambient temperature monitoring function to prevent excessively high system operating environment temperature
10. Power-on delay protection, three-level cascade system protector
11. All parts are fully grounded
12. Fully enclosed design, no water absorption during low temperature operation, to ensure the purity of the cold heat transfer medium, prevent ice crystals, and improve the life of the heat transfer fluid
13. High-performance circulating pump can ensure continuous operation for 24 hours a day
14. Adopt plate cold heat exchanger to improve heat exchange efficiency

Application range of low temperature refrigeration circulator:
1. Cooling of heat-generating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
2. Cooling of the heating part of the laser device
3. Cooling of heat generating parts of other industrial equipment
4. Analyze and test the cooling of the heating part of the machine
Structure analysis of low temperature refrigeration circulator:
Control panel: display set temperature and measured temperature touch key operation to input temperature
Slotted temperature control, no notch on the top, stainless steel high temperature reaction tank
Brand compressors, all compressors are selected imported brands, high efficiency
Electrical cabinet: The electrical cabinet has clear lines and compact structure
Liquid inlet and outlet interface: provide standard interface size, stainless steel material, anti-rust
Circulating pump: powerful circulating pump to ensure the delivery of high-viscosity liquids
Regular inspection and maintenance:
That is to say, the ultra-low temperature refrigeration cycle machine should be checked and maintained for a long time, and the operation should be started on time to avoid unavoidable problems such as oxidation of the water pump, compressor and related components due to prolonged non-operation.

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