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Selection method of 0℃~5℃ freezing liquid for industrial ultra-low temperature chiller

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As the requirements for process production become higher and higher, industrial ultra-low temperature chillers are required to provide cryogenic liquid below 5 degrees or even more than minus 100 degrees in some chemical process synthesis, reactors, new materials, and biotechnology production processes. When industrial ultra-low temperature chillers When the outlet temperature reaches 5 degrees or less, how to select and use the appropriate antifreeze has become an important point in the use of the unit.

The basic functions of antifreeze for industrial ultra-low temperature chillers are:

Prevent the expansion and cracking of heat exchangers, pipes or engine cylinder blocks due to the freezing of the coolant; during the operation of the industrial ultra-low temperature refrigerator, the cryogen will not freeze and condense, and it will always remain liquid and ready to flow. The selection of the appropriate antifreeze is critical to the stable operation of the equipment and reaching the temperature of the antifreeze required by the process.

First consider the use of environmental issues:

When choosing antifreeze, first need to consider the use environment. Although many companies believe that the higher the concentration of antifreeze, the higher the operability of the equipment. In fact, on the contrary, the company uses industrial ultra-low temperature chillers to replace which antifreeze. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and serious analysis according to the long-term operating environment of the enterprise, the materials used in the equipment, the temperature required by the antifreeze, and the nature of the reaction materials. It is recommended to consult the professional manufacturers in this area. Only when the properties of the antifreeze liquid can meet the requirements of industrial ultra-low temperature chiller operation process, then the enterprise’s use of industrial ultra-low temperature chiller can be guaranteed.

Antifreeze fluid needs to be tested regularly and added regularly according to the usage conditions:

Antifreeze needs to be tested regularly and added regularly according to the usage. As a customer, if the antifreeze of the equipment has serious problems such as deterioration, volatilization, or change in chemical properties, it will directly cause equipment damage and even life-threatening. The ability to carefully test the antifreeze of industrial ultra-low temperature chillers, and regularly replace suitable antifreeze products, can ensure the long-term stable operation of industrial ultra-low temperature chillers. The higher the stability of the equipment operation, the longer the life of the industrial ultra-low temperature chiller. .

To Sum Up

Enterprises using industrial ultra-low temperature chillers need to replace antifreeze products in time, because different antifreeze products have different methods during the replacement process. The ability to control the replacement cycle of equipment and choose antifreeze products suitable for industrial ultra-low temperature chillers can provide high efficiency and extend the service life of industrial ultra-low temperature rchillers.

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