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What are the ways to use the circulating heater for the reactor in the pharmaceutical and chemical i

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In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, there are many reactor heaters used in the reactor industry. In the pharmaceutical chemical industry, what other heating methods besides this heating method?

The heating method of the reactor circulating heater is electric heating, steam heating, heat conduction oil heating, far infrared heating, outer (inner) coil heating, etc., and the commonly used ones are heat conduction oil heating and electric heating.

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the heat transfer oil heating is divided into heat transfer oil circulation heating and heat conduction oil direct electric heating. The heat transfer oil circulation heating external circulation, the heating temperature is relatively uniform, suitable for large-scale production; direct heat conduction of heat transfer oil is relatively simple, but consumes Large amount of electricity, suitable for small and medium-scale production.

If the heating method of the heat transfer oil furnace is adopted, it is necessary to increase the investment and operation management of the heat transfer oil furnace, and if the heat of the reaction kettle is large, it can be considered. This heating method is characterized by high thermal efficiency, lower operating cost than steam heating and electric heating, but the electric energy consumption is relatively large. After all, the electric energy belongs to more advanced electric energy. If the reaction requires more heat, the cost of electricity will rise a lot. Careful accounting comparison.

The operator of the reactor circulation heater should be trained in relevant knowledge. Insulation measures shall be taken for pipes within the scope of the reactor circulation heater, but it is not advisable to use the enveloping measures at the flange connection. During the heating process, the exhaust valve of the expansion tank should be opened to drain the air, water and organic heat carrier to mix the steam before entering normal operation. The heating mode of the reactor is characterized by clean heat source and convenient operation. The heating method of steam heating method needs to be equipped with a high-pressure steam boiler, and the heating speed is also very slow. Not only the user equipment cost is high, but the temperature of the hot steam is evenly controlled.

Reactor circulating heater manufacturers reminded that there are certain differences in the configuration and safety devices of different reactor circulating heaters, and users need to understand according to the specific configuration.

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