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How to deal with the equipment failure alarm of the recirculation chiller

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What to do if there is a failure and alarm
during the use of the recirculating chiller equipment? In order to ensure
production, such problems need to be resolved quickly.


We must first understand the causes of
failures and alarms, and adopt different solutions for different causes. Common
recirculation chiller equipment failures and alarms include reverse phase
alarm, contactor jam alarm, over-temperature protection alarm, abnormal
pressure alarm, overload alarm, etc. No matter what kind of fault alarm, it can
be known according to the alarm light and alarm signal information.


1. Recirculation chiller equipment reverse
phase alarm

When a reverse phase alarm occurs in the recirculation chiller
equipment, the circulating pump cannot be started. There are two reasons for
the reverse phase alarm of the high and low temperature cold water circulation
device. One is that the phase sequence of the three-phase power line is
connected incorrectly, and the other is that the reverse protector fails. If
the phase sequence of the three-phase power cord is connected incorrectly, just
adjust the phase sequence directly. If the reverse phase protector fails, it
needs to be replaced.


2. Contactor stuck alarm

Recirculation chiller equipment contactor
stuck alarm, the over-temperature indicator will also be on, generally there
are three reasons: one is the heating AC contactor stuck, the other is the
computer board heating has been outputting, there is a problem, and the third
is the over-temperature The protection switch operates incorrectly. When the
contactor is stuck and alarms, the continuous heating of the heat transfer oil
will cause danger, so deal with it in time.


3. Alarm for lack of media

In order to protect the heating pipe and circulating pump of the
recirculating chiller equipment, the system will stop heating when there is a
shortage of media. When there is a lack of media, check whether there is a lack
of media (water or oil). If the water temperature meter shows that there is a
lack of media, you can adjust the pressure value of the pressure switch to a
lower value.


4. Overload alarm

When the recirculation chiller equipment has an overload alarm,
check whether the circulating pump is overloaded. If the pump is overloaded,
you can increase the overload current ampere.


When the recirculation chiller equipment
fails and alarms, as long as it is dealt with in time, there will be no safety
issues. LNEYA is a manufacturer of recirculating chiller equipment, equipped
with an after-sales service system. For minor problems such as fault alarms,
you can consult us for a faster and safer solution.

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