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What is the refrigerant of the recirculating chiller

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Different industries have different
requirements for the refrigeration temperature of the recirculation chiller, so
the selected refrigerant is also different. When choosing a recirculation
chiller, it is also necessary to have a clear understanding of the refrigerant.

Choose the corresponding refrigerant
according to different equipment models:

All users who are engaged in the
refrigeration industry must have a clear understanding of refrigerants. The
types of refrigerants used in different temperature ranges are different.
Generally speaking, the main types of refrigerants are: R12, R134, R600,
R152/R22, R410A, R404, R23, etc. In the past, many manufacturers used Freon as
a refrigerant, but today with the continuous development of environmental protection,
the LNYEA circulating water cooling equipment has abandoned this
environmentally friendly refrigerant and used environmentally friendly
refrigerants such as R404, R23, and LNEYA mixed refrigerants. Choose the
corresponding refrigerant for different equipment models.

When selecting a refrigerant, a
comprehensive technical analysis should be carried out according to the
specific situation:

Refrigerant is also called refrigerating
medium, commonly known as refrigerant in some areas in the south. It is a
working substance that continuously circulates in the refrigeration system and
realizes refrigeration through its own state changes. The refrigerant absorbs
the heat of the cooling medium (water or air, etc.) in the evaporator and
vaporizes, and transfers the heat to the surrounding air or water in the
condenser to condense. The selection of refrigerant is a more complicated
technical and economic issue, and there are many factors that need to be
considered. When selecting, a comprehensive technical analysis should be
carried out according to the specific situation.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants for
recirculation chillers are different from Freon refrigerants. The big advantage
is that it has zero potential for damaging the ozone layer and can meet
environmental protection requirements. At the moment when the theme of
environmental protection is developing, it is very much in line with the
development theme of the great era. On the other hand, refrigerants have small
molecules, light molecular weights, strong permeability, and are very easy to
absorb water and are not compatible with mineral oil. Therefore, the amount of
refrigerant has higher requirements for the cleanliness of circulating water
refrigeration equipment. Therefore, LNEYA adopts fully enclosed circulation
pipelines to reduce the occurrence of refrigerant leakage, improve the
operating efficiency of the recirculation chiller, and reduce enterprise costs.

There is still an important maintenance
problem in the use and promotion of recirculating chiller refrigerants. Due to
the lag in the market, not only the dedicated refrigerants, refrigerating oil,
lubricating oil, filter drier and compressor parts are less and expensive, but
also the maintenance equipment and process requirements are also very high. The
fully enclosed circulation pipeline used by LNEYA, The accessories are all
brand, with better quality and lower failure rate.

If you purchase LNEYA related equipment,
you can contact your sales engineer for after-sales consultation about the
addition and use of refrigerants, our contact email

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