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The use and characteristics of the SUNDI series of high and low temperature cooling circulators

The SUNDI series of high and low temperature cooling circulators are equipment for direct or auxiliary heating in the fields of biology, physics, chemical engineering, medical treatment, environmental protection, etc. Moreover, the temperature control device adopts high-stability operational amplifier, double integral high-precision A/D conversion technology, and is designed with far-infrared heating technology. The product has a short thermal balance time, small temperature fluctuations, and good uniformity.

Regardless of whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, the temperature control device needs to be located in an operating environment with enough fresh air: a space greater than 30cm around.

When selecting a heat transfer medium, pay attention to whether its upper and lower temperature limits, ignition point, viscosity, freezing point, etc. meet the requirements, and whether it is suitable for the use of the internal pipeline of the instrument; when selecting the heat transfer medium pipe, the length should be as short as possible, and the diameter should be as short as possible If the diameter is too small, it may cause limitation.

Do not use water as a heat transfer medium in the SUNDI series of high and low temperature cooling circulators. An improper heat transfer medium will have a negative impact on the equipment and may cause damage to the device. Therefore, only use the heat transfer medium specified by the manufacturer and use it within the specified pressure range.

After filling, the equipment adjustment parameters must be reset. This is a requirement for correct operation and use of the instrument. Please do not knot the heat conduction medium pipeline of the refrigeration and heating integrated machine. Check the heat conduction medium pipeline regularly to avoid material strain (such as: fission) ).

In order to avoid damaging the pipes of the high and low temperature cooling circulator integrated machine, when using water-cooled equipment, please use water treatment chemicals to clean the pipe dirt regularly when using water with high mineral content. Side air intake and side exhaust air, rounded corner design to prevent accidental injury. Add casters to make the movement more convenient. The high and low temperature cooling circulator integrated machine is equipped with light-touch buttons for easy operation, with parameter memory and self-recovery functions. The inner tank is made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

The SUNDI series equipment of high and low temperature cooling circulator has a lower water outlet, which is convenient to update the medium. Optional function. The high and low temperature cooling circulator integrated machine can be equipped with two temperature sensors, taking the temperature of the constant temperature field as the target temperature, and the start-stop refrigeration function makes the target temperature more accurate. It can also be used in industrial equipment, laser equipment, scientific experiment equipment, molecular pump rotary evaporator, distiller, fermentation device, laser, metal rapid prototyping device, vacuum coating machine, etc.

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