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How to solve the lack of cooling capacity of the semiconductor cooling cycle system?

The semiconductor cooling cycle system is a device for cooling the heating part of the semiconductor in the refrigeration equipment. It is commonly used to test semiconductor IC parts, automotive electronic parts, optical fiber components, telecommunication sensor parts and components. Once the cooling capacity is insufficient during operation, it needs to be checked in time to see if there is a fault.

When the cooling capacity of the semiconductor cooling cycle system is insufficient, first determine whether it is because of the filter clogging. The clogging of the filter includes: suction filter clogging and drying filter clogging. At this time, it only needs to be cleaned and it can operate normally.

By observing to determine whether the expansion valve is too small or too large, adjust the amount of water. The leakage of the filling agent in the temperature sensing bulb of the expansion valve can be solved by opening the cooling tower. Dirty or ice blockage of the throttle valve can be solved by cleaning.

After the compressor bearing of the semiconductor cooling cycle system is worn, the clearance is too large, and the problem of insufficient cooling capacity can be solved through maintenance and replacement. Choose parts with precise structure, high reliability and long life. To ensure the stable operation of the unit. The condenser is a shell and tube condenser, which can optimize the temperature field distribution and refrigerant flow field distribution, and has high heat exchange efficiency. The outer fin design of the heat exchange tube enhances heat exchange and condensation, and improves the heat exchange efficiency outside the tube.

Insufficient refrigerant charge of the semiconductor cooling cycle system, excessive refrigerant leakage, etc. may also cause insufficient cooling capacity of the semiconductor cooling cycle system. These problems can be solved by adding or subtracting the refrigerant charge, checking for leaks, and adding refrigerant after maintenance. solve. If the evaporator is too small, the evaporator has too thick frosting.>There are a lot of lubricating oil in the evaporator. The condenser or the outlet valve of the liquid reservoir is opened too small, insufficient cooling water or too high water temperature, etc., will also cause the cooling of the semiconductor cooling cycle system Not enough. If the evaporator is too small, you can reduce the heat load or replace the evaporator. If the evaporator is too thick, you need to dissolve the frost regularly. There is a large amount of lubricating oil in the evaporator. If the outlet valve is opened too small, open the outlet valve appropriately.

In addition, there is excess air in the refrigeration system of the semiconductor cooling cycle system, and the energy adjustment instructions are not correct, and attention should be paid. Excess air in the refrigeration system can be solved by exhaust air. If the energy adjustment indicator is incorrect, it may be that the indicator light is broken, which can be solved by maintenance and replacement. The reasons for insufficient cooling capacity are as shown above, and users are advised to contact the semiconductor cooling cycle system manufacturer in time for after-sales solutions.
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