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Precautions for use of LNEYA’s Recirculating chiller

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LNEYA’s low temperature recirculating chiller
can be used with supporting instruments (such as rotary evaporators,
fermentation tanks, chemical reactors, freeze-drying equipment,
biopharmaceutical reactors, etc.), with large cooling capacity and fast speed.
The low-temperature circulating chiller can conduct low-temperature and
constant-temperature experiments in the open cold tank inside the machine, or
circulate the low-temperature liquid outside to cool or keep other equipment at
low temperature. There are many precautions when using low-temperature
recirculating chillers. In order to prevent malfunctions, LNEYA lists the
following precautions for your reference:

1. The installation environment of the
low-temperature recirculating chiller must be dry and ventilated, and there
should be no obstacles around the equipment, otherwise it will affect the
normal use of the equipment.

2. The liquid medium added inside the
low-temperature recirculating chiller is particularly important. The liquid
medium is selected according to different temperatures to add different
mediums. The position of the liquid is also very important. The liquid level of
the medium must be about 30 mm below the edge of the liquid tank, otherwise the
heating device will be damaged after power on.

5. The low-temperature recirculating chiller
must do a good job in daily maintenance work, and must ensure that the
appearance of the equipment is dry and clean. Doing a good job in the
maintenance of the equipment is very important to the service life of the

6. After using the low-temperature
recirculating chiller, be sure to turn off the switch button of the equipment
first, and then unplug the power supply. Please do not forcibly unplug the
machine’s power supply during the operation of the machine, as this will cause
great damage to the machine itself.

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