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There are many manufacturers of industrial chillers in the world, especially JULABO, huber, etc. that are known in the industry. How much do you know about the production technology of industrial chillers? Now, in many industrial productions, industrial chillers are needed to achieve the purpose of refrigeration in production operations. They are safe and reliable, and are used for rapid liquid cooling. So let's take a look at the relevant content together.


LNEYA is a professional chiller manufacturer. The industrial chillers developed and produced independently are classified into air-cooled and water-cooled.


The production of LNEYA's industrial chillers mostly follows the basic principle of "Quality Up to Standard". The cooling effect of various industrial chillers is an important basis for judging product quality. General industrial chillers use environmentally friendly refrigerants and adopt secondary subcooling technology, which has fast cooling speed and low limit temperature; intermediate heat exchangers are used in the cooling water circuit, which greatly improves the reliability and safety of the system.


Compressor components are more important production assembly components. At present, many industrial chiller manufacturers use imported semi-hermetic piston compressors, semi-hermetic piston two-stage compressors and semi-hermetic screw compressors of well-known brands. Most evaporators use high-power plate heat exchangers, which are small in size and high in efficiency, which helps to improve the cooling effect.


Our industrial chillers have multiple self-protection:

1. Over temperature protection

2. Current protection

3. Self-diagnosis

4. Temperature monitoring

5. Water flow alarm

6. Water level alarm

7. Pressure alarm

8. Timing switch

9. Stable performance, can work continuously for 24 hours


It can be applied to the cooling of heat-generating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the cooling of heat-generating parts of laser devices, and the cooling of heat-generating parts of analysis and testing equipment. Some models are specially upgraded, which can not only refrigerate but also heat.

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