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Installation and maintenance of industrial water chiller

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As a industrial temperature control device,
industrial water chiller is often in 24-hour operation. Therefore, it is very
important to choose a industrial chiller with good performance. Wuxi Guanya
Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing, research,
development, production and sales of industrial temperature control equipment
such as industrial water chiller and ultra-low temperature chiller. 15 years of
concentration and experience have made LNEYA’s industrial water chiller a
leader in the industry. LNEYA specializes in providing customers with cooling
and heating temperature control solutions, and meets customers’ temperature
needs with superior performance industrial water chiller. In order to maximize
the service life of the industrial water chiller, we need to know the following
installation and maintenance methods in daily use.

Installation precautions: the installation
site of the industrial water chiller must be the floor or installation mat, and
can bear the operating weight of the chiller. It should be placed in a machine
room with a room temperature of 4.4~43.3℃, and sufficient space shall be
reserved around and above the industrial water chiller for daily maintenance.
When the water source and the surrounding environment of the cooling water
tower are bad, the cooling water circuit must be equipped with a Y-type filter
and cleaned regularly. Choose the matching cooling tower according to the
refrigeration capacity of the industrial water chiller. After the chilled water
piping system passes the leak test, it is necessary to wrap the insulation
layer to avoid cooling loss and dripping of the pipeline.

Maintenance method: If the industrial water
chiller has been used for more than 6 months, and refrigeration capacity is
reduced, please arrange staff to clean the radiator. If the industrial water
chiller is equipped with a pressure gauge, check whether the pressure of the
high pressure gauge is higher than 300PSI. If it exceeds, please clean the
radiator or check whether the water hose has been fully opened. The repair is
carried out according to the above operation for several times, but the alarm
signal of industrial water chiller failure is still ringing, please arrange
staff to repair it. After the chiller is out of service for a period of time,
the water pump blade may be solidified due to the water dirt. When starting up
again, the water pump rotor must be loosened first to avoid that the pump blade
does not rotate and burn the motor.

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