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Lneya Semiconductor High Precision Temperature Control System Description

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Semiconductor high-precision temperature control systems are currently produced in the semiconductor industry with highly complex performance. Here is a description of the semiconductor high-precision temperature control system.

Along with large-scale integrated circuits, hundreds of voltage, current, and timing tests are required, as well as millions of functional test steps to ensure that the device is completely correct. To achieve such a complicated test, it can’t be done by hand, so the semiconductor high-precision temperature control system is used.

The semiconductor high-precision temperature control system is a collection of high-performance computer-controlled test instruments. It is a test system composed of a tester and a computer. The computer controls the test hardware by running instructions of the test program. The basic requirement of semiconductor high-precision temperature control systems is to repeat consistent test results quickly, reliably, ie speed, reliability and stability. To maintain correctness and consistency, the test system needs to be periodically verified to ensure the accuracy of the signal source and measurement unit.

When a test system is used to verify the correctness of a separate Die on a wafer, physical and electrical connections between the test system and the semiconductor are required, and the connections between the testers inside the test system are It is realized by the interface circuit board, and a loop is formed in the semiconductor high-precision temperature control system to enable electrical signals to be transmitted between the test system and the chip. When the chips are packaged, they are tested. This post-package test requires manual placement of these individual circuits into the socket on the load board. This is called manual testing.

The high-precision temperature control system of semiconductors has been developed by Lneya Refrigerator after long-term research, with high performance and stable operation. (This article is from the source network, if there is any infringement, please contact LNEYA to delete, thank you.)

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