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Guanya Refrigeration: a Brand of the Yltra-low Temperature Refrigerator Industry Assures You of...

Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Guanya Refrigeration") brand "LNEYA" in English, specialized in refrigeration equipment, cold water machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, refrigeration, and heating temperature control system, heating circulation system, explosion-proof electrical equipment, automation integrated distributed control system, the experimental apparatus, and development, production and sales of Industrial freezer. Perennially, there are cold plate freezers for sale.

Advantages in low temperature, ultra-low temperature technology industry.

Guanya Refrigeration, founded in 2006 in Wuxi a city by the beautiful Taihu Lake, has been committed to the development of China's high-quality refrigeration and heating equipment. In the way of progressing for more than 10 years, the company has obtained more than ten patents certificate and various other certificates in the industry of refrigeration and heating equipment, breaking the Chinese brand bottleneck, and leaping to an industry brand and a master of advanced technology of low temperature and ultra-low temperature. It enables the Chinese people to finally use the quality products made in domestic.

In cold plate freezer for sale services, Guanya Refrigeration implements total quality management of products. It always adheres to the principle that from the product design, components procurement, screening, to the production process, packaging and transportation should be in strict accordance with the iso9001-2008 international quality certification requirements of standardized management. It devotes to produce products with high quality, reasonable price, considerate service, making checks at all levels. As a result, it has effectively solved the quality problem and resolved the quality of hidden trouble.
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  • TEL:+ 86 510 82303782
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  • EMAIL:sales@cnzlj.com
  • ADDRESS:No.203, Hongyun Road, Hongshan Street, Optoelectronics Park, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province,China