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Way to Check Problems of the Lubricating Oil System of the Screw Chiller Factory

Everyone pays more attention to the refrigerant circulation system and the chilled water circulation system of the screw chiller factory operation system. However, lubricating system is often neglected by everyone. In fact, this system of cold water is also very important for chiller factories.

The failure of the lubrication part of the chiller factory is not a problem of the lubrication system itself, but it will eventually lead to the failure of the system. If the piston ring structure at the cylinder is improperly selected, processed and assembled, it can cause a large amount of oil leakage, and the abnormal leakage at the shaft seal will obviously reduce the oil level in the crankcase, thus causing the oil pump to empty. That is, in addition to the problems of the lubrication system itself, the operation condition of the screw chiller factory should be checked, analyzed and judged, and whether there are any abnormal vibration, sound, heating and leakage, etc. For specific inspection, please refer to the following methods

1. Serious system leakage.

2. The oil pump is seriously worn because of a long time period of work, the, and the internal volume effect is obviously reduced due to excessive internal leakage.

3. The oil temperature in the crankcase is too low, the viscosity of frozen lubricating oil is too high, the filter screen of the oil filter at the pump inlet is too dense, the filter element is blocked, and the oil level is too low, making it difficult for the oil pump to suck oil, causing the phenomenon of empty suction.

4. The core of the pressure regulating valve is stuck in the open position or the spring of the pressure regulating valve fails.

The most common faults in the lubrication system of the screw chiller factory are: no pressure in the oil pump, pressure regulation failure and sharp oscillation of the pressure gauge pointer. The following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the screw chiller factory's lubrication system:

1. Observe whether the oil level, oil temperature and oil pressure are normal during routine check.

2. Regularly check the oil, replace or supplement the filtered new oil according to the provisions of the frozen lubricating oil change index.

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