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Process description of LNEYA screw chiller

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LNEYA screw chiller is suitable for all kinds of chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and other fields of production process cold source, can provide -25 ° C ~ 30 ° C chilled water, can be used as ice cold storage, low temperature air supply and other production processes required process cold source.

LNEYA’s screw chiller production specifications:
1. Standard design conditions are: chilled water: effluent temperature 7 ° C, return water temperature 12 ° C; condensing temperature 30 ° C
2. Refrigerant type is R22, if you want to use R404a, R134a, R407c or other models please declare.
3. Due to continuous updating of product technology, the above data is subject to change without notice.
4. In addition to the listed product models, our company can also customize non-standard evaporative condensing unit according to customer requirements.

We are the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and development industry. Our products ensure precise temperature control throughout the whole world in the semiconductor industry, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, research/lab/university, food/medical/hospital (health)and laptop/Mobile Phone. Our products offer temperature control solutions for applications from -152 to +350°C.

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