How to deal with the excess refrigerant in 3p freezers?

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When the three freezers are being serviced, it is necessary to add refrigerant regularly, but the manufacturer of LNEYA reminds everyone that once the refrigerant is added excessively, it will cause a series of problems.

According to the instructions of the 3p freezers, it is required to fill the refrigerant to maintain normal operation. If the number of refrigerants added by the company is very high during the operation of the 3p freezers, the higher the operating power, the stable operation of the equipment. The lower the sex, the more serious the failure of the equipment, the safety and stability of the equipment is directly endangered, and even the equipment can not meet the cooling demand of the space even if it consumes a lot of energy.

If the amount of refrigerant inside the three refrigerators is relatively large, while the equipment can be operated, although the temperature of the environment can be lowered in a short time, the running stability of the equipment is easily affected after the running time of the equipment increases. When the equipment can not run stably, the equipment often has some unexplained failures, endangering the service life of 3p freezers, and even causing equipment downtime, which seriously affects the normal use of the enterprise.

The maintenance of 3p freezers is not simple. Especially for the maintenance of the refrigeration system, even if the equipment is not faulty, in the case of normal use of the equipment, there will still be problems such as refrigerant leakage in the 3p freezers. The company can timely analyze whether the refrigerant has a leak failure, and keep the freezer within the normal pressure range, which can improve the operating efficiency of the three freezers. Even if the space used is very large, the equipment can also quickly reduce the ambient temperature and effectively meet the requirements. The low temperature demand of the enterprise provides conditions for improving the production efficiency of the enterprise.

If the refrigerant of 3p freezers is excessively added, it may cause more faults. Therefore, users should pay attention when adding refrigerants themselves, and try not to add excessive refrigerant, which causes the refrigerator to be unavailable and faults to occur.

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