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Vocs gas condensing treatment equipment compressor maintenance instructions

The vocs gas condensing treatment equipment is an important equipment in the process of exhaust gas treatment. Among them, the compressor is one of the main components, and its performance is affecting the operating efficiency of the entire vocs gas condensation processing equipment, then the vocs gas condensation processing equipment is compressed. How to maintain and maintain the machine?

Since the compressor is an important part of the vocs gas condensation processing equipment, LNEYA uses some foreign and domestic brand compressors when configuring the brand selection, so the quality of the vocs gas condensation treatment equipment is more secure, but the necessary maintenance is also needed. Our customers go to implement.

The maintenance of vocs gas condensing treatment equipment generally includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. Equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance are also an important part of equipment maintenance. The vocs gas condensing treatment equipment compressor generally protects the equipment by general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, etc., in order to maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of the equipment. There are four main requirements for maintenance:

1. Cleaning: The vocs gas condensation treatment equipment is clean and tidy inside and outside. There is no oil on all sliding surfaces, screw rods, racks, gear boxes, oil holes, etc., no oil leakage, no air leakage, debris and debris around the equipment. The dirt should be cleaned;

2. Neat: tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and the pipelines and lines should be organized;

3. Good lubrication: refueling or oil change on time, continuous oil, no dry friction phenomenon, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark, smooth oil passage, oil quality meets requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum are clean;

4. Safety: Obey the safe operating procedures, do not overload the equipment, the equipment's safety protection device is complete and reliable, and eliminate the unsafe factors in time.

The compressor of the vocs gas condensing treatment equipment usually pays attention to the maintenance and can make the compressor stable and standard operation, and can prevent the compressor failure of the vocs gas condensation processing equipment to a certain extent.

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