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How to choose a cooling bath and maintenance points

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The so-called refrigeration thermostat, as its name suggests, is a device that provides a constant temperature. In general, everyone also calls it an incubator, a thermostat, and so on. Only know enough to use the cooling bath better.

Refrigeration thermostats are widely used in petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, bioengineering, life sciences, light industrial foods, sample testing and other industries to provide a high-precision constant temperature liquid environment for constant temperature testing or testing of test samples or products. It can also be used as a heat source or a cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.

How to choose a cooling thermostat?

First of all, we must consider the brand material of the internal parts of the refrigerating thermostat. The accessories have more moisture in the selection. There are more brands. If the brand of the internal parts is not clear, it is more disadvantageous for the customers who purchase the products, such as the compressor. The choice of main components such as evaporators and drying filters is important. Of course, these are not problems in Guanya refrigeration, the compressor uses international brand compressors, the drying filter adopts the international brand – Emerson, the evaporator uses nickel tube nickel plating, and adopts a new generation of single compression self-cascade refrigeration technology. Cooling is faster, more energy efficient, more efficient, and less noisy. A variety of fault alarms, safer, more stable, more reliable, which is better? I believe this is very obvious!

How to maintain the refrigeration thermostat?

During the use of the cooling thermostat, the various protection devices have been set by the manufacturer. Do not change the operation of the operator during the use. After the power is turned on, you need to pay attention to check whether the fan is turning correctly. The common settings are normal, if not In an emergency, do not turn off the cooling bath by turning off the main power.

If the cooling thermostat is not used for a long time or is in a shutdown state, it is recommended to turn off the refrigerating thermostat and clean the water in the refrigerating thermostat, keep the environment of the refrigerating thermostat clean and ventilated, and periodically clean the condenser to get out the dirt. Ensure the stable operation of the refrigeration thermostat.

Choosing a high-quality refrigeration thermostat eliminates a lot of hassle. The cooling thermostat should keep the surrounding air circulation, avoid the impurities entering the cooling tower, keep the surface of the heat sink clean, remove the dirt regularly, and maintain a good heat transfer effect. If it is used for more than half a year, high and low pressure failure or reduced cooling capacity is recommended.

The water-cooled cryostat should keep the cooling tower clean and keep the air flowing around the tower. The temperature is low and the debris is prevented from entering the cooling tower to reduce the heat dissipation efficiency. Air-cooled low-temperature thermostats should keep the surface of the low-temperature thermostat cooling coil clean, ensure the surrounding air circulation, low temperature, and regularly clean the scale on the coil to ensure good heat transfer.

The result is self-evident, and everyone must have already understood it, very practical.

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