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Description of pump selection in steam-saturated system temperature control unit

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The steaming system temperature control unit is one of the more used equipment in the pharmaceutical chemical industry. The performance of the LNEYA steaming system temperature control unit depends on the design of the whole system and the specific performance of the accessories. The pump is used as a temperature control unit in the steaming system. A small accessory, its performance can not be ignored, then, how to choose the pump in the steaming system temperature control unit?

The pump of the steam-saturated system temperature control unit needs to be noted in the selection. Generally, the industrial pump can ignore the leakage amount in the pipeline system in the process flow, but must consider the influence of the process change on the flow rate. The type and performance of the selected pump are required to meet the requirements of the process parameters such as flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, and suction stroke. The steaming system temperature control unit selects the pump to determine the flow head. If a small, normal, and large flow rate has been given in the production process, it should be considered according to the larger flow rate. If only normal flow is given in the production process, consideration should be given to leaving a certain margin. For the large flow rate of ns>100, the pump is not intended to be lifted, the flow balance is 5%, the pump with a small flow rate of ns<50 and the pump, the flow balance is 10%, the pump with 50≤ns≤100, the flow allowance is also Take 5%. For pumps with poor quality and poor operating conditions, the flow balance should be 10%. If the basic data is only given to the weight flow, it should be converted to volume flow. When designing equipment, the design institute must determine the purpose and performance of the pump and select the pump type.

If necessary, the device characteristic curve should also be made. When designing the piping of the steam-saturated system temperature control unit, care should be taken to select the pipe diameter reasonably. The pipe diameter is large. Under the same flow rate, the flow velocity is small, the resistance loss is small, but the price is high. The small diameter of the pipe will lead to a sharp increase in the resistance loss, which will increase the lift of the selected pump, increase the power of the belt, and increase the cost and operating cost. Therefore, it should be considered from a technical and economic perspective.

The piping arrangement of the steam-saturated system temperature control unit should be arranged as a straight pipe as much as possible, minimizing the accessories in the pipeline and minimizing the length of the pipeline. When turning, the bending radius of the elbow should be 3 to 5 times the diameter of the pipeline. As much as possible is greater than 90 ° C. The discharge side of the pump must be equipped with a valve (ball valve or shut-off valve, etc.) and a check valve. The valve is used to adjust the operating point of the pump. The check valve prevents the pump from reversing when the liquid is reversed, and prevents the pump from hitting the water hammer. (When the liquid flows backwards, it will generate a huge reverse pressure, which will damage the pump)

In the choice of pumps in the steam-saturated system temperature control unit, the brand selection is also on the one hand, while paying attention to the cost performance and brand. Comprehensive selection of accessories suitable for operation of the steam-storing system temperature control unit.

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