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Refrigeration Cycle System LT-8

Refrigeration Cycle System LT-8

  • Refrigeration Cycle System LT-8
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Refrigeration Cycle System LT-8

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The use of ethylene glycol and water mixture for circulating refrigeration, saving water resources; using subcooling technology to ensure temperature stability at low temperatures; using a fully enclosed design to ensure the purity of cold and heat transfer medium, preventing ice crystals, and improving the life of thermal fluid; A high-performance circulating pump that boosts the ability to work 24 hours a day; using high-quality and efficient panels.

Model LT-8018N LT-8030N LT-8062N LT-8090N LT-80A1N LT-80A2WN
Medium Temperature Range -80℃~-20℃
Temp. Control and Dispaly ASET multifunctional controller, control outlet temperature of water tank
Temp. Control Optional Temperature feedback PT100 (inlet temperature, outlet temperature)
Cooling Capacity -40℃ 0.6KW 1.4KW 2.8KW 3.4KW 4.8KW 7.2KW
-60℃ 0.4KW 0.8KW 1.6KW 2.1KW 4KW 6KW
-75℃ 0.2KW 0.5KW 0.9KW 1.2KW 2KW 3KW
Circulation Pump Flow Rate, Pressure  (max) 20L/min
Capacity of Liquid Storage 15L 20L 30L 35L 40L 60L
Compressor Tecumseh, Dorin
Evaporator Plate Heat Exchanger
Operation Panel 7-inch color touch screen shows setting temperature and measuring temperature, temperature curve record,  data export excel-format
Safety Protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch;overload relay, thermal protection device etc. security protection function.
Refrigerant R-404A/R23 mixed refrigerant
Connection Size G1/2 G1/2 G3/4 G3/4 G1 G1
Product size(air-cooled)(cm) 45*85*130 55*95*175 55*95*175 70*100*175 70*100*175 80*120*185
Weight (air-cooled) 185kg 230kg 275kg 340kg 380kg 470kg
Power 50HZ
Shell Material Cold rolled steel painting
Optional Circulation pump 35L/min  2.5bar、50L/min  2.5bar、110L/min  2.5bar optional
Optional Pressure ≤6 bar circulating pump
Optional MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS 485 Interface
Optional SUS304 Material
Optional Power 220V 60HZ three-phases,440-480V 60HZ three-phases
Remark Can make the bigger capacity of liquid storage as required.

Production Workshop Real Map

Typical Applications:

Semiconductor Manufacturing Device Cooling:

Single chip cleaning, printing machine, automatic clamp installation equipment, spraying equipment, ion plating equipment, etching device, single-chip processing device, slicing machine, packaging machine, the temperature of the developer management, exposure device, magnetic part of the heating device, etc.

Laser Equipment Cooling:

Laser processing, heating part of the welding machine, laser marking device, chemical reaction plant, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc.

Other Industries Cooling:

Plasma welding, automatic packaging machine, mold cooling, washing machine, gold-plated groove, resin molding machine, precision grinding machine, injection molding machine of molding parts, etc.

Analysis Of Testing Machine Cooling:

Electronic microscope, ICP lighting light source part of the spectrum analysis device, heating part of the spectrophotometer, X-ray analytical device of heat source, automatic pulse heating part of the banner, the light source of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc.
CNC machine, machining center cooling of the cooling medium.


1. The temperature of heat transfer fluid can be adjustable.
2. Adopt ASPERA,DANFOSS,MANEUROP,COPELAND etc. Brand compressor.stable performance and can work continuously.
3. Human design, more convenient and flexible.
4. Microcomputer temperature controller, temperature figures display, the adjustable unit is 0.1℃, the temperature range is 7℃~30℃.
5. Use hot gas bypass, save energy and improve the control precision.
6. A variety of fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, high-pressure alarm, sensor alarm, compressor overheat alarm)
7. Power on delay protection.
8. All parts are safety grounding.
9. The high-performance circulating pump can guarantee 24 hours continuously running a day.

What are The Effects of Water Quality on Water Cooled Industrial Chiller?
The cooling performance of water-cooled industrial chillers must be strictly controlled if they want to remain stable. In the daily use of water-cooled machine, if the enterprise does not pay enough attention to whether the water quality is good or bad, then all kinds of sudden faults will be produced in the process of using the equipment. What are the effects of water quality on water-cooled industrial chillers?

1. Hardness
The water cooled chiller need to use a large amount of water during operation, when the water quality is bad, even if the cooling water machine runs efficiently, it is still unable to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling in a very short time. The longer the equipment runs, the more energy it consumes, which affects the normal use of the cold water machine, even the cost of the cold water machine is increasing, which is not conducive to the stable operation of the cold water machine for a long time. Only the water with suitable hardness is able to ensure the stable operation of chillers. If the water quality is relatively bad, it will affect the operation of chillers. Especially in the state of high efficiency operation, it is easy to cause various scale problems inside the chiller. After scaling to a certain extent, it will affect the normal use of chillers.

2. Water flow
Water flow will also affect the stable operation of water-cooled chillers. Too large or too slow of water flow will restrict the operation efficiency of the equipment and even cause the cooling performance of the chiller. In the range of rationalization, the continuous improvement of water flow can increase the operation safety of the chiller, at the same time, avoid the problem of small water flow and so on, and affected the operation of the chiller to be, resulting in irreparable loss.

The quality of water in chillers directly affect the stability of the equipment. The operation of water cooled water chiller is inseparable from the water source, the better the water quality of the water source, the lower the probability of the scale of the water cooler in the operation of the enterprise. The industrial chiller will be used on the premise of removing the scale threat, and the operation fault range of the equipment is effectively reduced.
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