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LJ -45°C~ -10°C

LJ -45°C~ -10°C

  • LJ -45°C~ -10°C
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1.Temperature ranges from -5℃ ~ -150℃, can meet different temperature
2. Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are BOCK. Bitzer, Copeland, Handbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small volume, High efficiency
3. Top imported cold controller; Generator cooling water circuit uses intermediate heat exchanger, improve system reliability and safety.
4. DANFOSS electronic expansion valve, high precision control;
5. Adopt Siemens PLC S7-200/300, LNEYA touch screen, automatic control, temperature curve display, temperature record U disk, fault alarm;
6. Offer machine installation and system test, users only need to finish the installation of refrigerant and cooling water;

LNEYA adopts the world famous brand compressor, which can extend the service life of -10°Cto 200°Cdegree industrial chiller, enhance the refrigeration effect, reduce the energy consumption and noise of -10°Cto 200°Cindustrial chiller.

Technical Parameters:

Model LJ-6W LJ-10W LJ-15W LJ-20W LJ-30W LJ-40W LJ-60W LJ-90W LJ-120W LJ-180W
Temperature Range -45°C~ -10°C
Cooling Capacity
At -35°C
6kw 10kw 15kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 60kw 90kw 120kw 180kw
5160Kcal/h 8600Kcal/h 12900Kcal/h 17200Kcal/h 25800Kcal/h 344000Kcal/h 51600Kcal/h 77400Kcal/h 103200Kcal/h 154800Kcal/h
Circulation Pump Info 6.6m³/h 9m³/h 15m³/h 15m³/h 25m³/h 25m³/h / / / /
2.5bar max 2.5bar max 2.5bar max 2.5bar max 2.5bar max 2.5bar max / / / /
Inlet&outlet connection size DN-25
Cooling Water at 30 degree 8m³/h 10m³/h 16m³/h 20m³/h 25m³/h 30m³/h 38m³/h 55m³/h 70m³/h 100m³/h
Cold Storage tank (optional) 100L 150L 230L 260L 300L 400L 600L 2200L 3000L 4000L
Expansion tank(standard) 50L 80L 150L 180L 200L 250L 400L / / /
Compressor Dorin semi-closed compressor Dorin compressor/HANBELL、Fusheng、Bitzer screw compressor
Operation Panel 7-inch color touch screen display, temperature curve record
Closed Circulation System The whole system is a full closed circulation, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, pressure do not rise up when system is running. The system will supplement oil automatically at low temperature
Circulation Pump LNEYA Mangetic Pump
Evaporator Danfoss/KAORI plate heat exchanger
Condenser Casing type water-cooled condenser / tube-type water-cooled condenser
Intermediate heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
Refrigeration accessory Oil separators, drying filters, expansion valves, refrigeration solenoid valves, pressure control, mirrors, etc. all use Emerson / Danfoss and other brands
Electric AC contactors, intermediate relays, circuit breakers, thermal relays, etc. are Schneider / ABB brand
Refrigerant R404A
Secondary refrigerant No corrosive liquid, ethanol water, heat transfer oil etc.
Safety Protection High pressure protect; water supply cut-off protection; over-current protection; leakage protection; sequential and phase failure protection; High temperature protection; Sensor Failure protection; Liquid low level protection etc. multi-safety protection
Level Indicator Adopt glass liquid level indication
Piping material Expansion tank, cold storage tank and circulation pipeline are all made of SUS304
Case material Channel steel + square tube + cold rolled plate        sealing plate spray 7035
Dimension cm 100*150*185 100*150*185 200*145*205 200*145*205 250*145*225 245*145*225 300*160*225 350*160*245 400*160*245 500*200*260
Power 14kW 17kW 25kW 34kW 52kW 65kW 100kW 127kW 167kW 270kW
dB within 75dB within 80 dB within 90 dB
Weight (kg) 800 950 1100 1350 1500 1800 2400 3100 3600 5000
Optional Optional outside touch screen display controller (separated), the communication line distance is 10 meter
Optional Optional explosion-proof touch screen control system (ExdeIIBT4), the communication line distance is 15 meter

Ultra-low temperature chiller

Ultra-low Temperature Chiller Practical Application

Ultra-low temperature chiller practical application

Tips for Removing Fouling of Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

During the process of production in factory, many chillers wok under the temperature of subzero 45 to zero, and their inner tube wall of condenser is easily fouled, which will affect the heat transfer effect and increase the condensing temperature of  the chillers, and then reduce the cooling capacity and increase the power consumption. So how can we clean it?

1. Close valve of the condenser for the entry of cooling water, use the thermometer tube, the pressure gauge tube or the drain pipe to connect the anticorrosion pump and the dispensing tank to make a small circulation system and clean it in recycle.

2. Add the pickling inhibitor first, which is a special copper corrosion inhibitor. It adheres to the inner wall of the condenser and prevents acid reacted with metal.

3. Add solid acid washing agent, which is used to clean the fouling with the main component of calcium carbonate. The agent is a compound solid organic acid, white crystal, no corrosion to metal, weak acid, and the dosage is determined by the fouling degree of equipment.

4. Add dirt stripping agent (optional), if the condenser equipment is thicker, add dirt stripping agent to promote the products of fouling reaction to quickly dissolve in water and accelerate reaction.

5. Add neutralization passivator, after chemical cleaning of the condenser, neutralizing residual acid to prevent oxidation of metal surface and generate floating rust.

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