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Low Temperature Chillers

The medium-sized single-fluid low-temperature freezer produced by LNEYA has a cooling temperature range of -150°C~-5°C, fast cooling speed, safe and reliable, and is used for rapid liquid cooling. It adopts secondary subcooling technology, a complete set of imported cold controls, and rapid cooling. The cooling temperature is low.

At present, it is at the advanced level in the same industry in the research and development of single-machine cascade refrigeration technology. The research on high and low temperature rapid temperature rise and temperature technology is at the international advanced level. Over the years, the company has obtained invention patents, new patent certifications and ISO and CE certifications.

3 steps of industrial chiller's oil circulation measurement, which is not to be missed!

With the continuous development of the times, industrial chillers are constantly improving. Of course, we have a lot of space in the selection as an expert industrial chiller manufacturer. Today Lneya chiller shares with everyone the oil circulation measurement method for industrial chillers.

First: weighing method

The oil circulator of the current refrigeration compressor adopts a weighing method in many cases. That is, the amount of oil in the condenser is weighed and measured in batches. When using this method, it is necessary to measure the working conditions according to the refrigerant compressor' standard to run to a stable state.

Second: Oil separation

The oil separator is used for separation. In operation, an oil separator is installed on the side of the chiller compressor exhaust pipe. As a result, the compressor exhausts the oil in the mixture through the oil separator. Separated and collected into the container, the size of the oil circulation rate can be calculated based on the change and the amount of refrigerant circulating. This method can see the change of oil circulation rate at different times.

Third: Optical Testing

There are two methods for optical testing. The first one is a power-off sensor that uses the amount of gas refrigerant contained in the exhaust pipe of a chiller compressor as the target and measures the attenuation of cold oil produced by a broadband sensor so that it can be tested the amount of oil contained in the gas.

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