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Trouble shooting method for water cut off of cooling system driven by wheel motor

Long-term use of the wheel motor to drive the cooling system can encounter any kind of failure. For the wheel-side motor drive cooling system, if there is a water cut problem, it is very dangerous and must be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. If the processing time is delayed, it will cause serious failure of the wheel motor drive cooling system, and even cause the equipment to fail to operate normally.

When the wheel motor drive cooling system is used daily, the heat dissipation of the wheel motor drive cooling system depends on the water source to take away the hot air. If there is no water flow suddenly when running at high speed, then a large amount of heat cannot be volatilized in time, resulting in The temperature rises very fast.

1. Distinguish the specific reasons for water cut
Wheel motor drive cooling system has different reasons for the water cut failure. Therefore, when dealing with the fault, it is necessary to analyze the specific cause of the water cut. If there is a problem with the water source, it is only necessary to restore the water supply in time to restore the operation of the wheel motor drive cooling system. If it is a water pump fault, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are required at this time, and the water pump fault is eliminated in time, and tests are performed at the same time. Ensure that the water pump resumes normal operation before the wheel motor drive cooling system can be turned on normally.

2, immediately shut down for maintenance until the water flow returns to normal
When repairing the cooling system of the wheel motor drive, the machine must be stopped for operation. Since the cooling system driven by the wheel motor in operation will generate more heat, it will also stop after running for about ten minutes. Therefore, the maintenance and inspection in the shutdown state can avoid the generation of extra high temperature, mainly to ensure that the wheel motor drive cooling system is within the normal operating temperature range, so as to ensure that the wheel motor drive cooling system is in a normal operating state.

There is no need to panic when encountering various failures of the wheel-side motor drive cooling system. Using good equipment to conduct careful analysis of the wheel motor drive cooling system can find the root cause of the failure. Then, according to their specific capabilities, make a suitable maintenance plan to ensure the re-operation of the wheel-side motor drive cooling system in a short period of time.
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